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While self promotion does not have to be complicated, there can be many steps involved in this process.

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You don't always have to pay for advertising. There are marketing methods which do not have to cost a penny.

You could do it yourself, after all. That's called "Self Promotion".

Do some self promotion and attract customers to your site using

Self promotion is similar to spreading the word by any other means but with a personal and artistic approach. If the artistic part were taken out of the equation advertising would look more like bragging rather than the self directed, hands-on marketing technique that it can be.

While self promotion does not have to be a complicated sort of thing, there can be many steps involved in this process.

The first step is to collect and create useful content relating to the topic, which is a not always an easy job, but a necessary one to successfully use this advertising technique.

In today's Internet-connected world owning a website for your business is a must.  However, this is not a big deal anymore with so many people available who excel in web designing and also offer a competitive rate. There are many types of technologies involved in the creation of a website, and a simple litte one page flash website won’t usually take you very far.

Well designed graphics could be incorporated to catch the eye of the customer.  Beyond colorful graphics, however, the old adage of "content is king" should become your watchword.

Writers with expertise in search engine optimization (SEO) should be hired so that the web page ranks among the top pages on Google, Yahoo and MSN. With some training, many Internet entrepreneurs have learned how to do this sort of thing for themselves, saving hundreds, and even thousands of dollars.

There are not that many really comprehensive Internet marketing courses available.  Many people are selling the method that worked for them in some way or another, but they do not always contain a broad range of training and advice which will allow ANY Internet marketer to be successful at selling online.  The best Internet marketing course I have found so far is The Step-by-Step Guide to Selling Online, a complete, step-by-step A-Z roadmap that teaches anyone how to quickly and easily start a successful Internet business from scratch.

Search engines have become popular universally as the method of choice for finding information online.  Your website doing well on them plays a much more vital role in your Internet business success than just about any other kind of reference or connection. Hence, efforts should be made to get your website to their hit list.

Something often overlooked is making sure material on the website is updated frequently to meet the changing needs of the visitors you hope to attract.

Get someone to design a logo for the company and website which is catchy and delivers the right message to the customers, or do it yourself.

If you are doing self promotion, you might want to invest in some good website promotion software.  One of the best pieces of SEO web site promotion software is available from ApexPacific

Other than the website content itself, articles can also be published in newspapers, magazines and online publications. Articles posted on article directories such as can bring in thousands of hits to any website.  One technique, by the way, is to structure your article as a series of points on how to successfully do something.  A headline such as, "9 Tips for Saving on Fuel Costs" will do well at attracting attention of an Internet passerby.

Well written, informative articles can not only lead visitors to your website, but can lead search engines as well.  They can also create thousands of valuable backlinks which can raise your webpage ranking on the major search engines.

Another highly targeted method is television advertising. Putting a commercial up during prime time will spread the message to a larger crowd, but even an ad aired at 2 AM can be effective. The content of the advertising should be akin to the value of the product. Famous personalities could possibly be used to endorse the product, which will not only attract many people in the audience to buy the product.

From time to time it is essential to review the past work and improve on mistakes previously committed. Once the previous mistakes are tackled, it would not hurt to analyze previous milestones, awards, and acquisitions either. This increases the chances of running into something that really deserves to be highlighted to the public. The more accomplishments you display to the public the more fan following your product will get.

Reviewing the activities of your competitors on a regular basis would prove fruitful.  This would also help identify loopholes in your product that have been overlooked before and would provide the key reasons to improve on.

Although this is an old approach, snail mail is also still one of the best advertising methods. As it is a more energy consuming approach, it’s important that you have the addresses of only the customers who are really in need of the product. Regular mails containing details about any new development will keep people informed about your company’s products.  A more modern approach to this method is collecting e-mail addresses of the targeted customers and sending them information and latest deals. This is a cheaper and less time consuming approach compared to snail mails as you can mass email as many people as you want at any time. 

However, be very careful to only email to people who have agreed to receive emails from you.  Otherwise, you could be accused of spam and lose not only your customer, but your entire email account and/or website.

Before releasing any product in the market, product testing should be done.  One way is by giving out samples to targeted customers. The feedback from these customers makes it more clear whether the product is ready to be released in the market or whether changes should be made to make it more appealing to the public. It is recommended you approach sincere friends, acquaintances, partners and clients at first to test your product and then go to the public.

To make more points, address the customers and clients and offer them your appreciation for their contribution in making the product popular. Sending a token of thanks on special occasions like festivals or on accomplishing an important task works well. Customers can also be thanked by offering special discounts and free gifts. After gaining popularity focus should be on retaining the reputation of your business rather than taking things for granted.

A few self promotion tips that hopefully will help you advertise your business. 

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