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Search Engine Optimization and the Importance of Search Engine Placement By Donovan Baldwin

Anyone beginning a new Internet business, or seeking to learn effective Internet marketing techniques is quite often lacking in knowledge of how the process works. They think that a good web page will somehow attract visitors, who, in turn, will purchase goods or services. Most people however, do not know how search engines work or even what they can do to increase website traffic, or even create some in the first place. Here's a short article to start you thinking on a very important area of Internet marketing.

When you get down to it, every serious Internet marketer is seeking good search engine placement for their website.

Some don't realize it, but that's what they need. Just building a website and submitting it to a couple of search engines, or just hoping that people will stumble across it does not get the job done. To maximize website traffic, a good search engine optimization (SEO) plan should be in place. It helps to have access to some good search engine optimization tools as well.

Now, I talk about SEO in other places. For the moment, let's deal with one simple question: What does search engine placement actually mean?

When someone wants to find out about something on the internet these days, they will almost invariably turn to a search engine.

They will type in a word or phrase, which may or may not accurately reflect what they are really looking for, and the search engine will then provide them with a list of pages which contain either that word, phrase, or some relevant information. The list will vary from search engine to search engine, but the actual placement on the list of the selected sites will depend on many various factors.

The problem for the Internet marketer with a smashing website is that this list can be made up of thousands or even several million websites. Search engine placement simply means where your website is on that list.

Even without a deep knowledge of subjects such as search engine optimization, search engine submission, and search engine ranking you would probably agree that optimum search engine placement will probably be somewhere near the top of that list.

In fact, you would be quite right.

Most people who conduct a search on a search engine are going to visit a site (or sites) from the first page of results...if they visit a site at all. In fact, they will probably be more likely to visit one of the first five sites, and even more likely to visit one of the first three sites on that list. This makes it very obvious that where your site is placed, or, your search engine placement, can be crucial to the success of your internet business.

Now, here's a thought of mine based on several years of Internet marketing and a lot of study on the subject.

If you can afford it, pay a professional search engine optimization and submission service to handle this for you! It is simple, but time consuming, and there is a lot to learn. As a less expensive alternative, you can also acquire a search engine optimization software product which can do much of the work for you.

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Okay, after all that, why I do all of my search engine optimization, submission, and website design myself!

I'm funny that way. I'm also retired and have a good income coming in from my Internet business and can afford to be eccentric about this. You may use the words bullheaded or stupid if you so desire. However, I must know what I am doing as I get good search engine placement for my websites.

I must have learned some techniques that have helped me to become successful in Internet marketing, and, for me, the fun is not just making money online, but the process itself. I taught myself basic website design and search engine optimization techniques long before SEO was the buzz, and I managed to accidentally put together a package that works for me. Then I took an Internet marketing course which taught me even more.

However...along the way, I spent a lot of money on the wrong things (thousands), and went down a lot of back alleys that wound up going nowhere before I learned what I know now.

I cannot teach you all that I have learned in just a few words, or even in a few days. You will either have to learn pretty much the way I learned, paying your dues both in time and money, or you will take that money and hand it to a professional who can in a few weeks get you to the spot where I am after nearly eight years of learning in the Internet school of hard knocks.

If you want to secure a good search engine placement for your Internet business website, you are going to have to learn many things. Here's a short list:

  • Selection of a product, preferably a niche product (a topic by itself)
  • Selection and registration of a domain name
  • Acquiring web hosting for your website
  • Designing the website
  • Optimizing the website for top search engine placement and ranking
  • Submission of the website, including allowing for all the quirks of the myriad search engines and directories.
  • Keeping track of changes in search engine algorithms and adjusting your website in order to keep up.
  • Keeping track of the competition and staying abreast of new optimization and marketing techniques

Okay, I hope I didn't discourage you, but, as you can see, you don't just sign up for an Internet business, tell a few of friends, and submit the site the company provided you to a couple of search engines and then sit back and wait for the money to roll in. People who really make money online do a lot more than that!

Both running a business, even something as seemingly ethereal, and virtual, as an Internet business, is genuinely real work if you wish to be successful. So is the process of achieving a good search engine placement.

Now, go to a search engine and search for articles on search engine optimization, search engine marketing, search engine submission, search engine ranking, and search engine placement. That ought to get you started. Don't read the paid placement ads (usually the first three to five on the list), read the articles. Spend some time learning the subject, and then decide whether you can really do it yourself or if you should hire somebody to do it.

Don't forget, if you want to save some money, there are Internet marketing courses which teach this subject. You will pay a little up front, but will save a lot of money in the long run. As I also mentioned, an alternative is to use a search engine optimization software product which can do a lot of what I listed above for you and help you achieve good search engine placement for your website.

Since one of the goals of SEO is to obtain a high search engine ranking, I also like to recommend The Ultimate Search Engine Loophole.

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