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Using Power Words in Advertising

Power words are used by the politicians, public relations personals, and even by parents to pass on their message.

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Advertising is usually about words, but most people who write their own advertising sales copy, especially for free advertising services often don't think about the words they use.

They should care, because the words they choose to put in their ad not only influence the minds of the people they are trying to introduce their product, service, or business opportunity to, but can completely change their perception abut a particular thing...any thing. Words have always had the persuasive power to lure, entice, motivate, and activate. They are used by politicians, public relations professionals, and even by parents to pass on their message.

The most effective of these words are known as power words and they can do wonders when used in advertisement sales copy.

New or improved words, and familiar words used more creatively, can create a sense of curiosity.

When power words are used this way, customers will get an impression that the product is something that is different from others and he tries to get it before anyone else does so as to have edge over others. The laundry products which have been around for decades, advertising on radio and television, have always been advertised as new and improved. Although it can be either a new and improved version of the existing product, the power of both the words and the product reinforces each other’s strength.

Another example is the often used line, "Money back guarantee".

These power words help gain the trust of the customer. It is a must to print these words at the closing line of an advertisement. After this sentence, the methods of payment and how money will be returned if the customer is not satisfied should be stated.

Most successful advertisements have a little known secret hidden within them that surely generated curiosity within the reader. People are thirsty for knowledge.  They want to know that which others do not know.  They think that there is some vital information which they are missing, and, because of this lack they haven’t gained success in some particular area.

The words "Insiders say that...", is similar to "secret".

These power words give out the message that information from some source of expertise, which is still unknown to the outside world, will be made available if only the customer pays the appropriate fee, in which case, this information will be divulged to him or her.       

The word, "free" in the headline of an advertisement simply does wonders.

The reader easily absorbs the message, but something free and of genuine value must be given to the customer to really accomplish anything.  If the advertisier tricks the customer into paying money for something which was supposed to be free, the trust of the customer is also lost instantly. Often, the word "FREE" is spelled as FR~E on websites as ISP filters blocks messages having the actual word, considering it to be some kind of spam.

"You" is also a very important word to be used in an advertisement.

It immediately points out the possibility of advantages to the customer if he or she buys a particular product or service. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer and try to note down the points which will be of benefit and what points will decrease interest. The advantages then should be referred to the customer by addressing them with ‘you’. The customer feels that he is being directly talked to.

"Benefits" is also an important word, but in a slightly different way.

It may not actually be used in the advertisement itself, but its presence should be felt.  Successful sales professionals have always stressed the benefits the customer will receive as a result of purchasing the product.  True, facts and figures may be well and good at some point, but people want to know what the product is going to do for them!

In any paid or free advertisment, the accent should always be on the benefits the customer will experience as a result of acquiring the product or service.

The word "Immediately" is a power word which conjures up a sense of emergency.

It can be interpreted as "Don't wait any longer, get it now!"

A message such as this motivates the customer to take some necessary action and to do it quickly.  Most online sales professionals now use some sort of deadline as part of their sales copy.

"Power" is a powerful word itself.

Give power to the consumer and see the magic. This gives the consumer a feeling that he or she can get possession of something that was missing till now and which could make him or her achieve the impossible.  This is similar to the idea of promoting the benefits of the product.  If your product, service, or business opportunity can be shown to be the pathway to success, you can have great success with any type of ad or marketing promotion.

In all cases, the basis of a successful advertisement or advertising campaign is to understand the consumer’s needs and then design the advertisement accordingly.

Just stating the potential advantages of using the product or service of the company isn’t enough.

Sales copy should be so designed so that the customer can see a real advantage in the product.

For example, when you are advertising to sell a digital camera, simply stating that the in-built memory of the camera is of 1 GB, won't always do the trick. Instead, the sentence should be changed to "enough memory to store 350 pictures or 50 videos". The solution to the problem of the customer is reflected in this sentence.

One real-life example of this is the story of one marketer who was selling a home water filter. After months of not selling a single one, he changed his advertising copy to read "bottled water for only pennies a day". He then targeted the rest of the copy to explain how having a water filter allowed the used to save hundreds of dollars a year while gaining the health benefits of always having filtered water available.

Ideas can be taken from advertisements of other similar brands like how the sentences are written and placed in an advertisement. After the basic sales copy is created, adding power words to spice up the advertisement will definitely make a winning ad campaign.

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