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There is no better advertisement campaign than one that is low cost and also successful at the same time.

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There is no better advertisement campaign than one that is low cost and also successful at the same time. Great business ideas, when utilized effectively, can save an entrepreneur lots of money. This is not only an easy option for those who work full-time as an advertiser, but also for those who work from home.

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Advertising from home is also a low cost option.  This generally involves such low-tech options as making and distributing fliers, handing out business cards, or leaving "drop cards" around. Often, potential customers will visit your home, or you theirs, for business activivities.  You can also print up a large number of fliers and give them out to anyone who is visiting home like family, friends, mailman, etc. Business cards can also be distributed. Some can actually be given sample of the product. Those who work outside their home can employ college students to distribute fliers at supermarkets, community centers, or malls, especially on weekends, when there is a rush.

Coop advertising works quite well.  By pooling your funds with others, you may be able to afford a wider range of professional advertising services than you could on your own. Someone else may get the sale or signup, and this can be a drawback.  However, if you are building an MLM downline, going into a coop advertising plan with members of your downline can benefit you in more ways than one.

First, you get the ability to access a better class of advertising options at less personal expense. Second, if your downline gets the sale or sign-up, you still benefit because that person is also in your downline, just at a lower level. Third, if you, or your downline, are having difficulty increasing sales or signups, this can be the kick start you and they need. Also, since this is often an effective technique alone, it is an advertising technique which your upper level downline members can use successfully and then share with THEIR downline. Again, this benefits both you and them.

I have used this technique for sometime for growing my GDI downline.  I use a program called GDI Coop to increase my personal advertising reach and effectiveness.  Additionally, not only do I profit by growing MY GDI downline, but I teach my downline members to use the service as well and to teach THEIR downline members to use the service.  Even if someone signs up for the service who is NOT in my downline, I still get a commission for that sale.  Since many people elect to subscribe to the service month-after-month, I also get residual income from GDI Coop as well as my GDI home business.

Spread the message by word of mouth.   This is how my friend, Ed, created an MLM business which paid him over $100,000 a month.

Like Ed, just talk to everyone about the product and ask them to talk about it to others. It’s a very powerful tool to increase the network and doesn’t even cost anything. When receiving a casual call from family members and friends, don’t forget to tell them about the latest events, discounts and promotions and ask them about what they are up to. If the other parties are into their own business, it won’t hurt to promote each other. Joint ventures can be started with trusted individuals. The only cost that will be incurred during the whole process is that of printing fliers. For a better quality flier, professionals can be hired to design them, as they will be able to play with colors and do effective copywriting.   

Many businesses have company bulletin board that they use to put up company’s latest news. Fliers and business cards can be tacked on such bulletin boards. But before doing so, check with the owner or manager to get their okay before placing the information as most of the HR departments make it compulsory to consult them.

Parents are required to be in regular touch with the teachers to know about the progress of the child and they have meetings from time to time. Do not miss this opportunity and spread the word. Hand them the business card and fliers personally at the meeting, instead of just giving the contact number.

Get involved with fundraiser at schools, as it’s a nice approach to market business. Prior to handing out the order received, collect all necessary information like business card pack, fliers, with proper information. Information can be based on what is the company about, what are the products and services provided, or how to get in touch with the company. In each individual order, carefully place all of them and seal the package properly. Presentation, too, is of importance and should be paid attention.

Voice mails can be put to good use, other than recording messages. They can help to deliver the marketing message. Greet with a brief message, following with website and email address, so that who ever calls will be already having the telephone number and they will be able to learn more about the business by visiting the website. When the company is providing special promotional offers and discounts, include information about those in the voice mail. Discontinuation of any services of products can also be informed about. Repetitive voicemails sound boring, so keep changing the voice mail frequently and add some creativity to it.

Most of the big businesses attach business cards or fliers with out going mail. This works for companies who send bills to their customers. For those who have customers paying online, they can send the information through emails.

Advertisements can be done, in the locality, by placing fliers on the bulletin boards of the local grocery stores, businesses, barbers, or butchers. People frequent these places and there is a possibility of getting a good response. Some businesses place a jar at the reception counter where the business cards can be dropped for future reference, while visiting them. 

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