GDI: How to Promote Your Global Domains International Business with GDI Coop


While many feel that the GDI home business opportunity sounds like a great idea, many are turned off by the fear of not being able to effectively promote GDI...which, after all, is an MLM company.

I can understand this. After all, I have been associated with MLM and network marketing since the mid-90's, and many people I have recruited have left the programs they joined simply because they did not know how to go about building a downline.

Well, the GDi home business is an MLM business opportunity, and the real money is to be made by building a large downline. But, if you don't know how to do that seemingly simple task, then all that will happen is that you will shell out good money for an opportunity to become bitter and frustrated.

For a long time, I sought a method for promoting GDI which would allow even the poorly trained, badly motivated, and quite confused members to recruit and build a downline for themselves.

I found a couple of good recruiting tools along the way, such as Magnetic Sponsoring, but the best turned out to be a program which I actually passed over several times.

It's called GDI Coop, and the concept is simple.

GDI Coop uses a rotator to advertise for large numbers of members. Each pro member's link is shown over and over based on the level of their participation.

One great thing that I especially like about GDI Coop is that, unlike many other GDI downline builders, you don't have to join GDI under someone in order to participate in the program. Even if you are already a GDI member, you can still join GDI Co-op and get the benefit of having many other GDI members help to promote your GDI link.

This promotion continues until you have reached a sizeable downline in GDI yourself.

If you are using GDI Coop pro membership effectively, you can help build your downline's downline, and they, in turn, can help their downline do the same while building their own downline as well.

In fact, I regularly promote my first line members and encourage them to do the same for their first levels...and get THEM involved in moving the info on down the line. That way, WE ALL benefit.

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Promoting Your GDI Home Business with GDI Co-op
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