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Advertising doesn't always have to be expensive. Here are some low budget advertising choices from free to TV and more.

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After the birth, and growth, of online selling sites on the Internet, online shopping has become so easy that it is done within the comfort of the home by millions of people around the world. Of course, the growth in online selling gave rise to a growth in online advertising, also known as iAdvertising, which is proving to be the best way to reach a large audience within a short time using less money.

There are many expensive options available on the Internet to get started, but there are many low budget advertising options as well.

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Creating a website and then placing its link on different websites is one of the ways. Pages can also be submitted to the search engines after applying the proper search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. Websites which offer advertising have various payment methods. Some take money for simply placing an ad or link on their website, some take money only if a visitor clicks on the link or website, and some take money only if the visitor visits a link and have bought something or accessed some service.

There are also options available for the type of ad being placed. There are pop-up ads, banner ads, wallpaper ads, polite ads, video ads, etc. Businesses with a really low budget can simply send mails to targeted customers.

Radio stations often offer a good price to advertise during non-peak times. Take the inititative and get in touch with the local station and ask for a discount. The same thing applies to television; even they have a minimal amount for advertising slots during the non-prime hours, especially after midnight. Contact different television stations to compare pricing.  Don't be too upset by the idea of starting with advertising at 2 AM, there are a lot of people watching and listening even in the wee small hours of the night.

The age-old tradition of advertising in yellow pages directories has long been a success. All businesses from small to big register themselves in the yellow pages and have sworn to be benefited from it. People can look up your contact numbers, email address, business address, and services offered directly from the pages. 

Newspaper advertising is probably the next best thing. First analyze the audience to be targeted by age in relation to the type of group, sex, and location. Choose the local newspaper and section where the ad should be placed depending on the audiences to be targeted. The classifieds department of the local newspapers have special offers, find out in detail about the pricing structure for the size of the advertisements, number of words, font size, etc.

Here's a hint.  If using free advertising, offer a free gift or report.  People very seldom buy anything from free ads, but they really like to get free reports and gifts.  Once they have received your gift or report, you can offer either more information they can use, or, if you feel you have convinced them of the need, your product itself.

Design your business cards, or drop cards, with accuracy. Try to include all the vital information about the business like the name of the company, where it is located, services provided, working hours, and contact information like landline number, cell number and person to be contacted. Personalized business cards are good way of reaching genuinely interested customers.  By the way, many people hold business ards for a long time before suddenly realizing that they are interested in your service or product, so don't be surprised if a business card produces a sale long after you put it in someone's hand.

Another way to advertise is to give presentations on your products. Brochures can be inserted in the business presentation package. Other than things like history of the company and annual report, business cards and informational reports can be included in the package.  I have written elsewhere about a great presentation event I witnessed years ago.  You can read about it at http://ezinearticles.com/?Sometimes-The-Best-Sales-Presentation---Isnt&id=93292.

Distribute newsletters with information about the latest offers and discounts. Informational letters of a page length and e-mails can be sent too on a regular basis. All this can become lot easier by getting in touch with companies who can provide the mailing list of a particular locality and it comes for a very small price. Again the yellow pages can be referred to get information about such companies. After getting the information get in touch with company to get a copy of the latest mailing list. Different companies charge different prices.

Also, don't forget the old-fashioned flyers posted on bulletin boards in the community.  YOU might be surprised how well those simple things work sometimes.

Word of mouth can also be an excellent method of advertising, especially if coming from a truly satisfied customer.

Try growing the links in your personal network and join organizations which deal with advertising such as trade associations and the chamber of commerce. Active participation in events of these organizations eventually helps in reaching a larger number of people.

Another popular, effective, and free advertising technique used online is article marketing. People using this method write articles relevant to their website or product and publish them on article directories. Learn more about article marketing here.

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