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About the Do It Yourself No-Fault Divorce Legal Forms Software Program

What is the Do It Yourself No-Fault Divorce Legal Forms Software program?

Some divorce proceedings are easier to complete than others. If there are no children involved in your marriage and if you and your spouse are agreeable to the split of assets and other financial issues, then you can file for a "No Fault Divorce" without the costly expense of a lawyer.

Please tell me when would I NOT want to use Do It Yourself No-Fault Divorce Legal Forms Software?

If there are children under the age of 18 from the marriage, or if there are disagreements regarding finances or the split of marital assets between the parties, then it may be wise to seek the advice and representation of legal counsel and remedy the matter in court. If this describes your situation, we suggest you find a qualified local divorce attorney in your area, and we can help you do that as well.

What is contained in the Do It Yourself No-Fault Divorce Legal Forms Software kit?

Our No Fault Divorce software contains all of the background information, detailed instructions and fill-in-the-blank legal forms necessary to prepare and file an uncontested divorce -- commonly known as a "No Fault Divorce", "Uncontested Divorce" or a "Dissolution."

Why does it have to be an uncontested divorce if I want to use the Do It Yourself No-Fault Divorce Legal Forms Software?

In an uncontested No Fault Divorce, neither person in the marriage is deemed to be at fault and both spouses agree in writing to the split of marital property, assets, home, division of debts, etc. Generally, the grounds for a No Fault Divorce are "irreconcilable differences" between the two parties (some states have different terms for these grounds, but the theory is the same). Should the divorce be contested by either of the parties, or if children are involved, then it is in everyone's best interest to consult with attorneys who know divorce law and who can advise the parties as to their rights and obligations.

Are there more specific requirements for using this Do It Yourself No-Fault Divorce Legal Forms Software?

Certainly, and here's a list of considerations:

  • First of all, both the husband and wife must both completely agree on ALL of the issues surrounding property division and spousal support (if applicable);

  • Second, both the husband and wife must live separate and apart for a specific period of time as required by state law;

  • Third, the signature of each spouse MUST BE on all of the documents to be filed with the court, showing that each spouse consents to the divorce and its terms;

  • Fourth (and pretty obviously), the whereabouts of each of the spouses must be known, as both persons must consent to the terms of the divorce and must be willing to sign the documents. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE FOR ONE PERSON TO FILE A NO-FAULT DIVORCE ON BEHALF OF BOTH PARTIES, since full agreement and cooperation of both persons is required!

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