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This Legal Software package allows anyone to quickly and easily create a Power of Attorney document that is tailored to fit most every personal situation. The software includes both a Limited Power of Attorney for specific personal situations, or the more general Durable Power of Attorney to handle a broader range of issues. Plus a Revocation document to end the Power of Attorney relationship! Valid in all states once notarized. Complete details below...


Sometimes in our lives, a situation will arise where the mental or physical capacities of a person are reduced to the point where he can no longer make decisions for himself. Daily decisions must be left in the hands of another trusted person.

Or maybe another situation occurs where person is unable to personally attend to a specific legal affair or piece of business, and wishes to have a designated representative handle the affair or transaction on his behalf.

In either case, what's needed is a Power of Attorney. A Power of Attorney document allows one person to designate another person to handle the business, financial and legal affairs of the person signing the form, either for a specific function or for overall day-to-day needs.

There are three types of Power of Attorney forms contained within the Standard Legal Software package:

Three Types of Power of Attorney


Used to permit a third party (an "attorney-in-fact") to conduct or engage in almost ANY FORM OR TYPE of business on the part of the person signing the form - such as buying, selling or transferring property, signing documents, purchasing assets, opening bank accounts, buying stocks, etc., all in the name of the person signing the form (and with money owned by the person signing this form). This document is appropriate for individuals who do not wish to engage in such transactions or no longer desire to do the same (for example, but not limited to, an elderly or disabled individuals who can no longer leave their residence to conduct certain business, or individuals that may be leaving the country for a lengthy period of time who desire someone to handle their business on their behalf).

I often used these in the military, and, having lived in a military town, saw many used by spouses of service members serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Used to permit a third party (again, an "attorney-in-fact") to conduct or engage in the specific business or transaction stated on the document on the part of the person signing the form.

This document differs from the Durable Power of Attorney in two ways:

1) The authority granted under this document is limited to the tasks, business or transactions specifically stated in the document;

2) The authority granted under this document is limited in time, i.e. if the action or business is not taken or engaged in by the date set forth on the document, the authority to do the same lapses. This document is appropriate for individuals who cannot take certain actions on their own because they are unavailable to do so or to do so would result in some inconvenience.


This document allows the user to end a Power of Attorney relationship, giving back to the maker all legal authority to again handle the business and/or financial affairs that were previously assigned through the initial Power of Attorney action.


The person(s) named as as the maker's "attorney-in-fact" by a power of attorney (POA) will have the ability -- once these documents are signed, witnessed and notarized and provided to such person(s) -- to conduct the business, transaction or engage in the conduct set forth on the document. In short, these documents allow the persons named as attorney-in-fact to carry out the business of the person signing this document, the same way as if he or she could do it him or herself. The persons named as "attorney-in-fact" must be trustworthy and have the best interest of the person signing this document in mind, so this program and the resulting forms should be used with the utmost care.

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