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About the Last Will and Testament Legal Forms Software

What is the Last Will and Testament Legal Forms software?

You can prepare today for the financial future of your loved ones!

This do-it-yourself Last Will and Testament software allows anyone to quickly and easily create a comprehensive legal document tailored specifically to most every personal situation. Don't let the court decide the outcome of your estate! Don't delay the distribution of your assets to your loved ones! Take just a few minutes to write your Last Will and Testament today -- with help from Standard Legal! Complete details below...

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A Last Will & Testament is one of the most important legal documents a person can create during his or her lifetime: it is the document that determines who receives the assets of that person upon his or her death.

While the laws of most states have been designed to distribute assets of an estate to the surviving spouse first, and then to any children of that person, assuming the spouse is no longer living, this sequence of distribution is not always guaranteed in the absence of a last will and testament.

Plan now for peace later.

Spending just a few minutes today to create a legal Will form is simply smart estate planning: a Last Will and Testament will guarantee that your family receives the assets of your estate when the time comes. Why let the vagaries of state laws and the decisions of a probate court judge affect your spouse's finances or your children's finances after your death?

Creating a legal Last Will and Testament document allows you, the Maker of the Will, to specify exactly who is to receive the assets of your estate. Creating a Will shortens the Probate process exponentially, as the primary question remaining before the distribution of assets is the authenticity of the Will, which is easily proven by the signature of the Notary.

Creating a Will removes nearly all questions about the distribution of the assets of an estate and speeds the transfer of those assets to the designated survivors.

The Software Kit

Standard Legal Software's Do-It-Yourself Last Will & Testament legal package allows you to easily, quickly and affordable create a legal Will document that is valid in all 50 states. This Will software eliminates nearly every question or potential issue regarding the distribution of assets upon death, making the transfer of assets to the rightful heirs as stress-free as possible.

Standard Legal provides a variety of Last Will and Testament documents within its software. Each document set covers a specific type of family arrangement: Wills for married people; Wills for unmarried people; Wills for people with children; and Wills for people with no children.

Specific Forms

One of the Will forms provided in the software also allow for specific gifting provisions, allowing the maker of the Will to designate certain assets to certain beneficiaries. While specific gifting is certainly not required (and the most common of the Will forms provided only allow for general distributions of assets instead of specific gifting), the option exists within Standard Legal's Will software to create specific gifting clauses.

A Will Directing Sale of Assets and Payment of Proceeds to Beneficiaries is also included. This Will provides that the real and personal property of the decedent be sold after his or her death and the money generated by the sale of such property (i.e. the proceeds) be distributed to the persons named by the maker as his or her beneficiaries. This Will allows specific dollar amounts to be passed to the beneficiaries or a percentage of the total proceeds after the sale of the property.

Notice of Final Disposition

The Standard Legal Do It Yourself Last Will and Testament Software also includes a Notice of Final Disposition document. This document allows you to describe your wishes as they pertain to funeral arrangements and the disposition of your bodily remains. Using this document permits you to declare your desires while you are alive for specific funeral arrangements and burial or cremation (or other processes) after death. This document should be provided to your loved ones now, relieving them of having to make these choices during a difficult time. If there is no Final Disposition document prepared in advance, the law in the state where you die generally determines who will decide how the remains are handled. This document allows you to make your wishes known in advance!

BONUS: the software also includes an Assets and Accounts List form that allows you to list the location of all of your bank accounts, insurance policies, safety deposit boxes, stocks and bonds, and other liquid assets, so your family and/or executor has a complete record of where your assets can be found.

A Will document protects the structure and relationships within your family by making your wishes clearly known to all. Why not spend a few minutes and an amount of money that is less than a Friday night dinner to create the Will papers that are so important to your family's future?

There's More!

Plus, each version of the Standard Legal Last Will and Testament is set up to be "self-authenticating" -- which means that finding and using the services of a Notary is not necessary in states that don't specifically require it! Every Will form includes both a detailed witness verification provision (i.e. -- self-authorizing) and the standard Notary's Acknowledgment form. Thus, the validity of your Will is doubly covered!

Provide Peace of Mind for Your Loved Ones

Take advantage of the ease of use and completeness of product that Standard Legal can provide. Get the peace of mind that solidifying your Will can bring. Create a comprehensive Last Will and Testament for your family today!

Last Thought

The forms provided by The Standard Legal Network last will and testament software are the most up-to-date, legally accurate and easiest-to-use in the industry. Many of our competitors provide forms that are poorly formatted, out of date or simply filled with inaccurate instructions. Please take a minute to review the bullet points at the right detailing the 13 REASONS why our Standard Legal Software packages are the clear choice for do-it-yourself legal products! Also, check out the software format features listed below and you'll get a look inside the software to see how it works!

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