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What is the Land Contract Legal Forms software?


If you ever need to sell a piece of real estate that you own, and are willing to finance the purchase yourself, then you need a legal document called a Land Contract (sometimes called a "Contract for Deed").

Growing in popularity, using a Land Contract provides the seller with increased revenues from the sale, through the receipt of interest payments, while allowing buyers to get into a home for which they might have difficulty finding bank financing. The Land Contract legal software package includes forms with both installment and balloon payment structures, plus a land contract for undeveloped property (vacant land).

Most typically, residential real estate transactions are thought of in one way: a buyer and a seller work through a Realtor and a bank or mortgage broker to complete a sale with a single transaction and a one-time payment to the seller. However, there is another non-traditional option for the sale of real estate that is becoming more common every day: it's called a Land Contract. (It's sometimes called a "Contract for Deed" as well.)

What it Does for the Owner AND the Buyer

A Land Contract allows the owner of a property to sell that property to a buyer over time, financing the purchase price on behalf of the buyer and collecting interest on the sale amount. The buyer does not need to go out and find a mortgage from a bank or mortgage company, nor does the buyer have to pay the entire purchase price to the seller upfront. Rather, the buyer signs a Land Contract with the seller agreeing to purchase the property in either installment payments or in installment payments with a balloon payment on a certain date. The buyer then moves into the property and makes the agreed-upon monthly payments. When all of the payments (and any required balloon payments) are made according to the terms of the Land Contract, only then does the buyer finally takes the title of the property from the seller.

May Possibly help with Financing

For the buyer who may have difficulty getting bank financing due to bad credit, is self employed, or has unconventional income sources, a Land Contract provides the opportunity to still purchase a home. It's a great way for a buyer to break free from paying rent each month while actually building equity in a property.

A Land Contract allows sellers to make additional money on the financing of the sale of a property, collecting not only the purchase amount but also the interest on the principal that is generated over time. Plus, the seller maintains title to the property until all of the payments are made, thereby allowing the seller to keep control of the property. If the buyer misses any payments to the seller, the seller keeps the previous payments made on the Land Contract as rental income, and the option for the transfer of property to the buyer is lost.

This Software Land Contract Kit contains the following forms:

  • A Land Contract using a down payment with monthly payments thereafter in order to pay the purchase price;
  • A Land Contract using a down payment, with monthly payments thereafter and then a balloon payment at a later date in order to pay the purchase price;
  • A Memorandum of Land Contract that can be filed with your local recorders office (when applicable);
  • A Land Contract for Vacant Land, for property that has no dwelling on it and is undeveloped;.
  • Property Disclosure Forms, many of them state-specific, required for nearly all real estate transactions;
  • A Termination of Land Contract, used when the purchasing party defaults on the contract as a way to reclaim clear title.

While there are always some potential pitfalls and things to watch for within a Land Contract (from the perspective of both the buyer and the seller), these pitfalls are clearly detailed in the software; just another reason to use the Land Contract software from Standard Legal!


This legal software includes a number of financial calculators! Two free, browser-based, javascript calculators (one for simple interest and one for compound interest) are included for simple loan payment calculations, plus a complete, downloadable, "Calculator Software Suite" featuring a number of great calculator tools: Quick Calculators, Mortgage Qualifier Calculator, Loan Spread Calculator, Amortization Schedule Calculator, Closing Costs Calculator, Rent versus Buy Calculator, Biweekly Payments Calculator, Prepayment Calculator, and a Home Seller's Proceeds Calculator. These tools let both buyers and sellers examine all of the pricing and financing options!

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