Free Ways to Get More Credits from Manual Traffic Exchange Surfing

If you have spent any time surfing free traffic exchanges, you know how disheartening it can be to click on page after page and at the end of an extended surf session only have a relatively few credits.

However, you can only get the credits for surfing, unless you buy credits or pay to upgrade, right?



Actually, there are several ways to get extra traffic exchange credits...lots of them!


For example, three of the most respected and best known manual traffic exchanges have banded together to offer free credit rewards. They are HitSafari, Soaring 4 Traffic, and Real Hitz 4 U, and the free program they have formed is called Power Surf Central.

To get a huge amount of free extra credits, someone who is a member of these three TE's can join Power Surf Central, also known as PSC. Once a member of PSC, all you have to do is surf 100 pages at each of the three TE's each day, and you get 100 extra credits the next day.

PSC also has specials where you can surf 200 at each site for additional points which can also earn extra credits. There are other benefits which you can learn about at their site.

There is also an affiliate program at Power Surf Central where you can earn credits and cash for referrals.


This program is offered for free by TE Command Post.

All the instructions are on their website, but there are three core manual traffic exchanges in Commando Surf: Tezak Traffic Power, Traffic-Splash, and DragonSurf. Once you have set up those three sites at TE Command Post with your own links, you can initiate Commando Surf at any time.

While Commando Surf mode, you get double credits for surfing at those three sites.

TE Command Post also usually adds a couple of guest sites as well, so you can normally surf five sites at once and get double credits while on Commando Surf.

Another valuable service of TE Command Post is that they will keep track of your credits at various TE's. It is easy to lose track of extra credits you may have earned at various TE's, and this is a good way to keep up with those rather than just letting them sit there.


If you have joined Power Surf Central and are already surfing HitSafari, you can also join Deep Sea Hits. Any day that you surf 250 sites at each of them, you will earn an extra 100 credits at each site.


Many manual traffic exchanges will have something called a "downline builder". It is a good idea to join as many of the free programs as you can, for two reasons.

First of all, if you join and list your website, you may or may not get some free credits. However, if the site offers special surfing awards from time to time, they will notify you through your email. Smaller TE's often team up for special surfing prizes as well, and will generally notify you through email.

Second, you can also gain free credits for referring others to a TE. If you have joined the downline builders, you will not only have an opportunity for free credits each single time you refer someone, if they also sign up for the sites in the downline builders, you will get credits for those signups as well.


While not actually a surfing site or program itself, TE Profits offers a free course which teaches its members how to actually get more website visitors and make money from surfing at free manual traffic exchanges. It has been around for several years, and is a very effective site for teaching people the real way to make money with free manual traffic exchanges.

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Free Ways to Get More Credits from Manual Traffic Exchange Surfing
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