What is HoverSurfing?

At most free traffic exchanges, you have to actually "click" on some designated icon in order to move on to the next website you are going to view in order to earn credits.

However, clicking can become tiresome, and even be next to impossible for some. My mother, for example, is 95 and has been trying to learn to use a computer for the last three years. Her major stumbling block is clicking the mouse properly.

Even I myself am grateful for the hover surf option at free traffic exchanges as I have arthritis in my hands, and, although I do pretty well, still begin to feel the effects of long surf sessions where I have to click...and click...and click...

Because of this, some wise soul invented "hoversurfing" or "hover surfing", sometimes called by other names, such as "surf on mouseover".

In hover surfing, when the time has passed that you must view a website, an icon appears. To move on to the next website, all you have to do is momentarily "hover" on the icon...meaning, place your pointer or cursor on it. In a few seconds, the next website will appear.

By the way, I am going to add some links in the next few paragraphs, and feel free to click them to see what I am talking about. The links all open new windows, so, when you are finished looking around, just close the windows. To actually SEE hover surf in action at these sites, you will have to join if you are not already a member, but that is free and there is no obligation, and that decision is yours.

At some traffic exchanges, such as Lords of Traffic, you may have to still select a specific icon from a group. Hover over the wrong one and you don't get a credit. At simpler traffic exchanges, such as Penguin Traffic, you are only shown one box which says "Run Over Me" and all you usually have to do is simply pass your arrow, or cursor, over the box to move on.

While only a few traffic exchanges currently have hoversurfing features at the moment, I think it will catch on and become more common. You can easily keep track of many traffic exchanges at Affiliate Funnel and TE Command Post.

If you are new to the effective use of free traffic exchanges to create online income, I suggest you run through the TE Profits Crash Course. At first you will be asked for an email address, and, of course, you will be sent a combination of information on surfing and advertisements. If you simply try to close the first window shown, you will be shown a "back door" into the course which allows you to bypass leaving your email

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What is Hoversurfing?
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