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Don't Waste Your Time Surfing Free Traffic Exchanges

I, and many other people, regularly use free traffic exchanges to grow downlines, test websites, products, and services, and actually sell things...and have for years.

Don't Waste Your Time Surfing Free Traffic Exchanges
By Donovan Baldwin

I bet you think I'm going to tell you that free traffic exchanges are a scam at worst, or a waste of time at best.


Click here to learn how to make money with free traffic exchangesI, and many other people, regularly use free traffic exchanges to grow downlines, test websites, products, and services, and actually sell things...and have for years.

Now, I don't want to give you the usual tips about how to use free traffic exchanges. You can learn all that from resources such as Affiliate Funnel, TE Command Post, and TE Profits.

What I want to talk about is how to get the most out of free traffic exchages AFTER you have learned the basics necessary for success.

In the beginning, I, like most other people, made a lot of mistakes and failed to use traffic exchanges effectively. I signed up for some, listed my websites, and started clicking. Eventually, I learned that I had been missing the boat when it came to getting the best performance out of the traffic exchanges for MY best offers, splash pages, and websites.


For example, everybody knows that sitting there clicking away hour-after-hour is a long, boring way to get traffic credits. It doesn't take long for most to figure out that having a downline generating traffic for you is a lot more effective. While most people have to build downlines in a traffic exchange either by using their efforts to promote it instead of their main program(s), or by paying for credits or downline members.

By paying attention to all the services offered by the various traffic exchanges (TE's), you may be surprised to learn that some allow you to actually EARN downline members. WebbizInsider, Traffic Syndicate, and Hit Silo are examples of TE's where you can grow a downline AS you surf.


There are many situations in which TE's have joined forces to offer extra bonuses to members who surf both TE's at the same time. For example, sister sites HitSafari and Deep Sea Hits usually offer a deal where you can earn an extra 100 credits at each site if you surf 250 sites a day at each site.

Another such surfing opportunity, called "Commando Surf", is available at TE Command Post. TE Command Post members, in addition to using the training and resources available there, can earn extra credits for surfing certain sites simultaneously. TE Command Post commonly uses Traffic-Splash, Tezak Traffic Power, and Dragon Surf as their basic three sites for Commando Surf. However, they usually add a couple of guest TE's as well, and participating surfers gain extra credits for surfing those sites as well.


When you sign up for a TE, you have to give an email address. The TE owners commonly run special surfing bonuses and email their members about them. Most people ignore these emails and just wander around surfing willy-nilly. It pays to look at those emails. For example, as I write this, Hit2Hit is offering 30 extra credits for every 100 pages viewed, and Traffic Showdown is offering double credits plus cash prizes.


Ultimately, the best traffic exchanges are the ones that work for you. The results from most TE's can vary from day to day, week to week, or even hour to hour. You will never know which TE's are "best" for you until you test your pages and offers at a wide range of sites. Since you will usually get the best results by using your own materials, that also means that sometimes those materials will work better at some sites and not so well at others. However, it helps to know what are the best sites overall to start with, or to try new material at.

Two websites offer their own lists of the best traffic exchanges as determined by their testing. You can join both sites for free and, at least at first, use their lists to get started. These two websites are Traffic Hoopla and Affiliate Funnel. Traffic Hoopla does independent testing, and Affiliate Funnel uses the responses of its members.


Sign in to most TE's and you will see a list of all kinds of features. Most people ignore all but the surfing itself. However, many TE's allow you to have text links and banner ads, as well as offering downline builders. I frequently get hits from my text links and banner ads and regularly win or earn bonus impressions from my surfing actions. Since one benefit of being a member of some TE's is the chance to gain credits or actually earn commissions from the actions of your downline, it is also worth your while to fill in the various downline builders of the TE's you join.

You might want to read "How to Use a Downline Bulder at a Free Traffic Exchange".


Many traffic exchanges allow you to create and/or use a rotator. Many TE's also have multiple splash pages and loading those onto a rotator and listing it as "one" of your websites. Using a rotator to display multiple splash pages for the same program will statistically increase the success of your traffic surfing experience. Some exchanges, such as Easy Hit 4 U, already have a link which rotates multiple splash pages. You can see that rotator here. Most exchanges, however, require you to actually load multiple pages into the rotator. Click here for a rotator from Traffic Splash.


Most people concentrate on using the bigger, better known TE's. While this is a good tactic on a day-to-day basis, it is also a good idea to sign up at and surf smaller exchanges. Many TE's offer bonuses just for signing up, sometimes requiring you to surf a few sites to activate your account. Since small and new TE's tend to be outside the mainstream, their membership is often made up of people who are not yet "plugged into" the TE world. These people often are more interested in the offers they see on these smaller exchanges as they first become involved in the world of free traffic exchanges.

Small and new exchanges often offer all kinds of bonuses and/or freebies in an attempt to build membership levels and activity. Many have a fun attitude and some offer games such as "hangman" where the sufer can earn bonuses.

Some of these small exchanges are Surf Clown, Surf Bass, and Traffic Gym.

When these TE's are growing, stick with them. If response drops off, leave them for a few days, or even weeks, and come back again. Your offer will be fresh to a new bunch of people...and maybe even some of the old members.


I have mentioned many free resources above. If you are not already a traffic exchange expert, heck...even if you are, I definitely recommend you join these free programs:






Free traffic exchanges are a great way to grow your online business...IF you use them the right way.

You can find a list of several of my favorite free traffic exchanges here.

For more information about free traffic exchanges please click on the link title below:
What I want to talk about is how to get the most out of free traffic exchages AFTER you have learned the basics necessary for success.

If you need more information about surfing for hits you will find a very informative website at

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