How to Use a Downline Builder on a Free Traffic Exchange

Building a downline in a particular free traffic exchange may benefit you in two ways: More website traffic and more money.

How to Use a Downline Builder on a Free Traffic Exchange
By Donovan Baldwin

If you have spent any time trying to make money online or start an Internet business, you have probably seen the phrase, "the money is in the list".

Click here to make money with free traffic exchangesWhat this means is that, having a list of people to pass information to is a valuable resource for the Internet marketer.

After all, if you walk up to someone on the street and just say, "Hi! My name is Bob, and I want you to buy this whatchamacallit from me.", they are going to hurry away...probably looking back over their shoulder...or for a cop!

The point is, people generally want to do business with people they trust, or at least with people who have the same goals as they do. Many want guidance as well, as they are not sure of what to do whatever point they find themselves.

Also, in any MLM (Multilevel Marketing) endeavor, the more people you recruit and sign up under you, the more benefit you will receive...usually in commissions, but, with a free traffic exchange, in other benefits as well.

When you are attempting to grow a business using free traffic exchanges, you probably will not get very far if you rely simply on clicking all day at one TE, as they are called. You just cannot generated enough traffic on your own in most instances. Also, traffic from only one free traffic exchange may offer duplicate viewings, thereby cutting down the efficiency of your traffic exchange marketing program.

You can work around this issue in many cases by buying more "clicks" or "credits" rather than generating them yourself by advertising for people to join you in any particular traffic exchange you may be using.

However, building a downline in a particular free traffic exchange may benefit you in two ways. First, your website may be seen more often as you earn credits for people you have recruited into the traffic exchange. Also, with some free traffic exchanges, you may actually be able to earn cash commissions for purchases which people in your downline make.

Once more, however, the problem is that building even a fairly large downline in a single TE, while valuable, is still going to limit your potential gain.

Therefore, many TE's offer a "downline builder".

In this area, you can enter your ID for a wide number of free traffic exchanges AND other Internet marketing tools, such as list builders. Of course, if you have not as yet joined the particular program, the TE will provide you with a link to use to join those which you are not yet a member of.

Once you have entered your link(s) for the various programs in the downline builder, anyone YOU recruit will have the opportunity to sign up in those programs using YOUR LINK, thereby moving into YOUR DOWNLINE in those programs. If you have not entered a link for a particular program, they will have the opportunity to sign up using a link from the last person in your UPLINE who entered their program ID.

Most of these programs have multiple levels of credits or cash commissions. This means that everybody who signs up for programs you have entered a program ID for in the downline builder, will create a growing downline under you in those programs. It also means that, in the event someone in your downline chooses NOT to join a program or free traffic exchange on the downline builder, if they recruit someone who DOES sign up for that program, they will be placed under YOU.

In other words, if you sign up for as many programs as possible and then promote the traffic exchange with the downline builder, you will have the opportunity to grow downlines in many different traffic exchanges and programs. Build a big enough downline in multiple programs, and you can see your website receiving massive numbers of hits...and maybe quite a few commissions as well!

So, effectively using and promoting the downline builder at a few good free traffic exchanges can be more than just a good way to build traffic to your website. It can be a great way to make money online as well.

Most people who join free traffic exchanges have little or no idea of what they are doing, and most never even LOOK AT the downline builder. However, having a large downline in several different programs can be the difference between failure and success. Trying to go it on your own with one or two free traffic exchanges will almost always result in failure and frustration.

To find the best free traffic exchanges, refer to TrafficHoopla and/or Affiliate Funnel.

Both of these sites regularly measure the success of several traffic exchanges and provide that information to their members...for FREE (although they do have several paid services as well). It is probably a good idea to join both as they use slightly different testing guidelines and may have slightly different results. It is important to find as many of the best free traffic exchanges as possible, as you will find that some are better for various promotions than others, and you will maximize your possibility for success by using a wide range of the best sites.

However, it is a good idea not to bite off too large a chunk at one time. You might consider signing up for Traffic Hoopla, for example, and get started simply by concentrating on what they call "1st Join" which will include their five best free traffic exchanges for the week, with a link to a program known as TE Hoopla, which lists a large number of other sites they recommend.

In addition to giving you a manageable set of traffic exchanges to work with, you can also simply choose to promote Traffic Hoopla itself, which, if you have noticed, is a downline builder in itself.

If you just want to take a look at a free traffic exchange WITH a downline builder, there are several good ones, but I recommend Hit 2 Hit, which is very often at the top of the list of the best free traffic exchanges, and which has an excellent downline builder.

Remember, not every free traffic exchange has a downline builder, and, frankly, many traffic exchange members really don't want to mess with them, as they do take time and effort, especially at the start. You can find a good, simple, easy-to-use, free traffic exchange at Surf Bass, if you just want to play around with a TE without getting involved with a complicated site.

Now, one of the biggest problems with building ANY downline is getting your new members to do the things they need to do to succeed. After all, their success is YOUR SUCCESS as well. So, if you are not sure how to explain this issue to YOUR DOWNLINE, just give them a copy of this article. Feel free to change any links to YOUR PROGRAM LINKS, of course.

For more information about free traffic exchanges please click on the link title below:
Effectively using and promoting the downline builder at a few good free traffic exchanges can be more than just a good way to build traffic to your website.

If you need more information about downline builder you will find a very informative website at best free traffic exchanges.

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How to Use a Downline Builder on a Free Traffic Exchange
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