Which Traffic Exchange Gives the Best Results?

The first question is, what are you trying to achieve with a traffic exchange?

If, as many believe, the idea is simply to get traffic to a your website, almost any traffic exchange will do.

The real problem is, which traffic exchange will produce the most sign-ups or sales?

While almost any traffic exchange will show your website to people, most of those people are not going to be interested in what YOU have to offer. They are simply visiting sites to get people to THEIR website.

So, your "results", in terms of those sign-ups and sales we mentioned, is going to depend on YOU.

Now, success with traffic exchanges depends on many things, and that's a whole study in itself.

There's no reason to reinvent the wheel. You can learn a lot about being successful with traffic exchanges at Affiliate Funnel or TE Command Post.

Okay, you've figured out the best way to PROMOTE your business with traffic exchanges.

The next question is the one we started with, "Which traffic exchange gives the best results?"

That's still going to be a bit of a problem as the results you receive may depend on such things as the time of day you are promoting, the manner in which you are promoting it, and, as always, a certain amount of luck.

This means that however and wherever you are promoting you will have to experiment to get the best results. Even then, there will be ups and downs as interests and audiences change.

However, you can get somewhat of a handle on what are the "best" traffic exchanges by using resources such as Traffic Hoopla, which ranks some of the best ones using one system, Affiliate Funnel, and TE Command Post.

In the final analysis, which traffic exchange gives the best results, is going to depend on a lot of factors, but you can get a handle on the best way to get the most out of your efforts.


If you take the time to review the materials available at sites such as Affiliate Funnel, TE Command Post, and Traffic Hoopla, you might come to realize that YOUR product is just not the right product to promote on a traffic exchange. That does not mean that they cannot be used to effectively promote your product...if it's the right product for traffic exchanges.

On the Internet, the best product is often information, and, on traffic exchanges, one of the best products you can offer is how to effectively use traffic exchanges.

Most people have no real idea of what they are doing, and, if you don't have your own successful product already, you can help them out by giving them a product that does work and how to use it.

There is a ready-made product which is free to use and which is specifically designed to make money on traffic exchanges no matter which traffic exchange gives the best results for other stuff. It is called TE Profits and you can learn more here.

Happy surfing!

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Which Traffic Exchange Gives the Best Results?
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