The Facts About Who Makes Money With Free Traffic Exchanges
By Donovan Baldwin

If you are trying to turn some sort of Internet business or affiliate program into a home based money maker, sooner or later, you will probably try to generate website traffic with a free traffic exchange, sometimes referred to as TE.

At some point after that, you will probably throw your hands up in disgust, certain that while, free traffic exchanges may actually bring lots of visitors to your website, they don't bring paying customers.

It's at this point that a lot of Internet entrepreneurs give up...not just on free traffic exchanges, but, on their Internet business as well.

A few might wonder about who is actually making money with free traffic exchanges...if anyone!

Well, there are a couple of answers...well...maybe three, not counting people who just accidentally hit on a winning combination. A few years ago, when I was first getting started online, I hooked up with a company, stuck their "boilerplate" web page on free traffic exchanges, and eventually wound up making $2,000 a week.

However, that was a fluke, and that stream soon went dry.

Fortunately, I did eventually learn who was making money with free traffic exchanges, and how to become one of them.

So, here are the three groups of people making money with free traffic exchanges:
  1. The pros.
    People who put a lot of money into advertising and design and who build huge lists of people interested in their product or service. Usually, there is a MLM aspect to what they do, and/or an affiliate program so that they can have a lot of people interested in helping them sell their product or service. Hold that thought.

  2. The owners.
    The people who own the free traffic exchanges get paid for upgrades, services, add-ons, and, once they are big enough, well as the products and services that they can market on their own platform. Hold that thought.

  3. Me, and hopefully you...soon.
    These are the people who have realized the futility of trying to "sell" stuff on free traffic exchanges, and who realize that the money lies in selling the traffic exchanges a manner of speaking.

I'll try to explain.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world get online hoping to learn how to make money online with some Internet business or affiliate program. Sooner or later, almost all of these people will try free traffic exchanges. The funny thing is, many will try one free traffic exchange and then sign up for others based on what they see on the earlier websites they join.

They will buy the upgrades, pay for services, and surf, and surf, and surf....until they give up (see above).


Now, while you, and I, may not be among the "pros", and we may not own a free traffic exchange, we can send people to them. Not only that, we CAN show THOSE PEOPLE how to make money simply by sending people to free traffic exchanges...JUST LIKE WE DO!

At the same time, we can earn money, and traffic exchange credits, which means that OUR ads get shown to more people, and build on this, for free, if we want to do it a bit more slowly, until it becomes a part time business producing a full time income...all without selling anybody anything.


I wish I could say I came up with the plan, the program, myself, but, another guy beat me to it...although I can honestly say that I was thinking along this line when I disovered his program.

Three major points about this plan:
  1. It's complete and anyone who can follow instructions can do it.

  2. It's free.

  3. It's making money for people all over the world.

It is a big program, and it covers a lot of territory, including training on how to most effectively use free traffic exchanges to make money online. It also provides all the tools you will need to get your own traffic exchange business up and running.

It does take some work on your part, but, you can actually make money onlin working just a few hours a week.

Not only that, but, remember those times above on this page where I said "Hold that thought."?


With the TE Profits Crash Course, you will learn specifically how to piggy-back on the efforts of the pros who actually own the free traffic exchanges, making use of their professionally desinged and operated traffic exchanges to benefit almost as if you owned shares in their business or were in partnership with thme...which you will be, as their success increases your opportunity for success...and your success enhances theirs.

As I say, there is a lot to this program, but, in order to be successful with it, all you need to do is sign up, follow instructions, and add a little personal effort to the basic plan.

To learn everything about TE Profits, click the banner below. There is no obligation, and no cost. Just take a look and see if it makes sense to you. I am certain you will be amazed at how well this program is designed and how effective it can be at making YOU someone who makes money from free traffic exchanges.

It's been working for me, why not let it work for you?

Build traffic, generate leads and create massive cash flow with one easy system.

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The Facts About Who Makes Money With Free Traffic Exchanges
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