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By Donovan Baldwin

Many people seeking to start Internet businesses are advised to get, or at least understand, that they will need some sort of training in how to sell online. For this reason, there are a great many people seeking, and a great many people offering, Internet marketing courses in all shapes, sizes, and costs.

A few years ago, a young man named Corey Rudl worked out how to make money online with almost any business. He spent a lot of time, effort, and money in learning and developing the methods which he eventually used to make over 40 million dollars in one year.

He was selling various products, but he realized that in learning what he had learned, and gaining the experience he had gained, he had developed a product which would be worth millions more.

Thus was born the Corey Rudl Internet Marketing Course which is now offered by the company he founded, the Internet Marketing Center

When I reached a point that I was making money online in large enough quantities to make Internet marketing my main source of income, I, like many others, went looking for training which would allow me to increase my income.  That is when I discovered the Corey Rudl Internet Marketing Course. I paid for my copy, and it soon arrived...all 10 lbs. of it!

I avidly read it cover to cover.

At first, I felt some disappointment because a lot of what I was reading, I already had learned through my own time, effort, and cash outlay (i.e. Internet marketing tuition paid by a lot of beginners).  As I got more deeply into the material, however, I came across Internet marketing techniques and tips that I had not been aware of or which I had not tried because I did not understand how they worked, or did not understand that they DID work!

I began applying more and more of Corey's principles as outlined in his course, and my income began to rise.  It eventually topped out at just over $100,000 a year, but that limit was self-imposed simply because I did not want to work any harder.

Anytime anyone asks me how to learn how to create and run an Internet business successfully, I refer them to the Corey Rudl Internet Marketing Course.  Even after several years, it is still the best way for a beginner to learn what he or she needs to know on the subject without learning it the hard many of us, Corey included, had to learn.

I would tell my own brother....well, first of all, I would tell him not to get into Internet marketing unless he was willing to commit a lot of time and effort to the project.  But, after that, I would tell him that if he really was sincere about wanting to learn how to start and run a successful Internet business, his first investment should be to purchase the Corey Rudl Internet Marketing Course.

Not only has the course been the most prestigious and successful product of its kind offered for many years, it is updated and revised yearly to take into account new information, products, and Internet marketing techniques.  Everything in the course is tested by the Internet Marketing Center staff.  They test by using these methods to sell their own products!

Unfortunately, at the height of his success, and while still very young, Corey Rudl was killed in a racing accident.  As successful as he was, he was able to indulge his desires and fantasies, and one of his hobbies was racing.

Fortunately for budding Internet entrepreneurs, Corey had a friend and partner named Derek Gehl, who worked closely with Corey and knew as much about Internet marketing as Corey did.

Since Corey's death, Derek Gehl has taken over the reins at the Internet Marketing Center, and he and his crew regularly update and publish new editions of what was the Corey Rudl Internet Marketing Course annually.

I have assumed that if you are reading this little article on the Corey Rudl Internet Marketing Course, you are probably planning to do some Internet marketing yourself, and one of the best places to learn about the subject will be at the website of the Internet Marketing Center created by Corey Rudl and now run by Derek Gehl.

Most Internet marketers, yours truly included, acquired the Internet marketing tools currently in their toolkit at great personal cost...both in time and money.  However, if you know how to go about it, you can access a course which teaches genuinely successful Internet marketing techniques at a cost far less than the thousands of dollars many of us have spent!  In fact, as I write this, the foremost company in this field is providing a trial of their highly acclaimed Internet marketing training online for only $2.95!

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