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What if you wanted to start your own Internet marketing business.

Where would you begin?

What if you wanted to learn some real Internet marketing secrets to help you get started and save thousands of dollars in costly errors?

Where would you go?  Who could you ask?

The local library wouldn't be much help.  What do they know about Internet marketing secrets?

Your buddies couldn't help you, either.  Internet marketing is probably as big a mystery to them as it is to you. If you think about it, the fact that you are trying to find out more about Internet marketing secrets, means that you probably already know more about how to make money online than any of them! After all, what can they tell you about planning an Internet marketing strategy, or what Internet marketing tools may be most effective?

Even people who already seem to know how to make money online probably have little or no idea how they do it.  The Internet marketing secrets, if there really are any, are hidden from them as well.

Now, there are people who do know all about Internet marketing secrets and these people generally make money online.  Despite the claims, however, it's not always hand-over-fist.  There are Internet marketers scratching out a living, and there are several making millions. Sometimes it seems that simply learning the most effective Internet marketing techniques, such as search engine optimization, or SEO, can make all the difference.

Where will you wind up if you learn their Internet marketing secrets?  Will what they teach you actually lead you to fame and fortune, or will you only make a few bucks...or barely cover expenses.  Even worse, will you lose money.

Well, that's hard to say. There are so many variables, such as: what product are you selling, how do you promote it, how many websites do you have, how hard do you work at it, how much money do you have to invest in website promotion, what Internet marketing tools are at your disposal, and so on.  I do know this from personal experience and discussions with other Internet marketers; if you do not get the right kind of training and guidance, even if you are wildly successful eventually, you will spend a lot of money learning the art of Internet marketing itself.

This is why finding the right training is important.  It is probably obvious that the people to teach Internet marketing are probably going to be those who have already been there, done that, have the t-shirt.  I am in that category, but, I fall into group B below...those who cannot teach.

You see, the people who really know Internet marketing secrets tend to clump together in two groups:

A.  Those who don't want to teach others because they see them as competition. They make money online by being ahead of the pack, and they don't want to lose their positions.

B.  Those who simply don't know how to teach others or who don't want to!

However, there is a company which was founded by and which is run by successful Internet marketers and teachers. In fact, that is the product which they offer!  They actually teach the secrets of Internet marketing!  This is the company which taught me much of what I used to build a $100,000 a year income from the Internet.

Why are they willing to do that?

First of all, as the James Bond song says, "Nobody Does It Better". They may be imitated, but the competition is nowhere near them.

Second, it's their field! They actually USE the Internet marketing secrets which they offer to teach others.  In fact, their business is their test lab. If the particular Internet marketing technique works for them, then they know that it can work for others.

Lastly, they have been doing this for several years now, and have thousands of satisfied customers.

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