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Internet Marketing Strategy
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On other pages of this website, I have briefly discussed Internet marketing secrets, Internet marketing tools, and Internet marketing techniques.  I say, "briefly" because in-depth discussions of these topics would take more time and space than this simple little website has to offer.  Indeed, these topics have been put together in a very comprehensive Internet marketing course, which I have taken and sincerely recommend to anyone seriously intending to make a go of an Internet business themselves.

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While knowing the secrets, learning the techniques, and acquiring the tools of Internet marketing are of obviously of great importance for success in the world of Internet business, many new business owners, both those seeking to make money online, and those opening a brick-and-mortar business, neglect one important key to success.  The Small Business Administration, and other agencies as well, have identified a lack of planning as being one of the main reasons new small businesses fail!

Quite simply, the new business owner has no idea where he or she is going and how they are going to get there.  

This knowledge is quite simply one's Internet marketing strategy.

Business advisors will almost unanimously agree that having a concrete business plan is of the utmost importance.  It does not have to be a complicated plan, but it should be understandable and doable.  There is no sense planning an Internet marketing strategy around an advertising method which you cannot afford, or an Internet marketing technique which you know little or nothing about.

The value of the Internet marketing strategy is that it gives you a goal, a target, a plan of action.  

Many people, including myself, when first starting an Internet business tend to scatter their energies and resources.  A business plan brings cohesiveness to the the thought processes and the activities of the individual or organization as well.  This produces a much more effective campaign, if you will, and effectiveness of thought and action, when combined with perseverence, are the most common components of success in business and in life itself.

Before you dive headfirst into the confusing, and expensive, activity of starting an Internet business, make sure you have a good Internet marketing strategy

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