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Is The Internet Marketing Center a Scam?

This is a little long winded, but I want you to understand EXACTLY WHY I give the final answer at the end of this article.

I first began dealing with the Internet Marketing Center several years ago before Corey Rudl's death and after. Since Corey Rudl's death, Derek Gehl, his long term partner is carrying on all that Corey started.  I have both used their products and sold them as well.  Some people wonder if the Internet Marketing Center is a scam, while others claim that it is the best thing that ever happened to someone trying to start an Internet business, or run one, for that matter.

Corey Rudl had begun the Internet Marketing Center as the direct result of his own success as an Internet marketer.

Like many Internet marketers, he had begun pretty much in total ignorance and lacking any real Internet marketing savvy and had acquired the Internet marketing secrets, techniques, and tips that he did know through trial and error. As anyone in Internet marketing can tell you, this is an expensive way to gain this education and the tuition is high. It costs a lot, not just in terms of money, but also in terms of time, effort, frustration, and disappointment. Even learning one apparently simple technique such as search engine optimization can be the difference between success and failure when it comes to learning how to make money online, but learning that one simple technique can be expensive, time consuming, and frustrating without a mentor, teacher, or guide.

After much study and testing of many Internet marketing techniques, Corey achieved a mix that made him successful at selling his own products online.  As he continued to test and learn from his mistakes, Corey achieved higher and higher levels of Internet income until he achieved a mark unbelieveable to the beginner.

He had a year in which he made $40,000,000 in sales!

Yes, you read that correctly; forty million dollars.

As he progressed in his journey of learning Internet marketing from top to bottom, Corey realized that he had finally acquired enough knowledge to teach his own course on the subject.  From that, the Corey Rudl Internet Marketing Course was born. 

Even more, Corey realized that this Internet marketing course was a product in itself. 

The rest just makes sense.  Corey began using his own Internet marketing tips and techniques to sell his course which taught others what he had learned.  Those who purchased his course might have been out the purchase price, but, if they followed the factual guidance within (and this includes me), they bypassed the very expensive educational process that Corey and many other in Internet marketing had followed.

In my opinion, and my copy has only been inches away from me for years, the Corey Rudl Internet Marketing Course is worth every penny.  In fact, in view of the possible savings to beginning Internet entrepreneurs in terms of money alone, it could be considered underpriced.  Many newbies who are serious about learning how to make money online spend thousands of dollars following the wrong path, trying the wrong techniques, and paying for products and services that do nothing for them.

The Corey Rudl Internet Marketing Course saves them that expense.

Many would drop out in frustration and despair, convinced that ANY Internet marketing program or product has to be a scam, based on their own experiences.  Again, Corey's course can save these people that part of the curriculum of the Internet school of hard knocks.

We are getting a little closer to the answer to the question: Is The Internet Marketing Center a Scam?  Please bear with me a little longer.

To market his Internet marketing course, Corey Rudl created the Internet Marketing Center.

As many Internet marketers have learned, Corey realized that once you have learned how to use successful Internet marketing techniques, you can sell almost ANY product or program.  Therefore, he added other products and services to those already being offered by the Corey Rudl Internet Marketing Center.  However, the core of his product line has always been the Internet marketing course Corey Rudl developed.

Now to the question: Is the Internet Marketing Center a Scam?

I have been in Internet sales and marketing since I first began selling Mason shoes in the late 1990's.  Both before and after that time, I have also worked in retail sales, selling high ticket items such as furniture.  I have also built my own network marketing/MLM networks and have reached income levels in excess of $100,000 a year.  I am also a 67 year old bodybuilder, sell health related products, and study many subjects in order to satisfy my hobby as a freelance (underpaid) writer.

Here's a lesson I have learned from all this.  Again, I will be a little long winded, but please bear with me.  It applies to my answer.

Whatever the product is, it is not perfect, nor will it be THE answer that everyone is looking for.  This is true whether we are talking about the next diet, a method to learn how to play the piano, or an Internet marketing course.

Just as we all know lots of people who have started a diet or exercise program, lost no weight, and dropped out of the program shortly, there are people who have taken a swing at Internet marketing, didn't make any money, and have quit,

There are even those who tried hard for what seemed like a long time to them, but eventually gave up.  Some of these people actually made money, but felt that the effort required was not worth the rewards.

This is true in many things.

It is also true that some of these people would have found the pathway a little easier to travel with the right guidance.  This is not to say that they would have been successful, because even diligent students of the finest teacher may not ever achieve the pinnacles of success that are out there.

However, just because a would-be mountain climber is never able to make it all the way to the top of Everest, decides that mountain climbing is not for him, or becomes seriously injured in the process of attempting to become a mountain climber does not necessarily mean that the training given by the teacher is lacking.

In the same way, people will never know if they can be successful in Internet marketing until they try.  Others will never achieve success in the field if they do not have the right training.  Many with the right training will fail.

Here's the lesson I have learned:  Most of the people who cry "scam" about a product or program are those who, for whatever reason, including faults within the program itself, have not been successful with the program.  Many who also cry "scam" have never even tried the program, but are merely echoing the messages they have heard from others!

A few years ago, I was an instructor for a major national corporation.  I had to travel a lot, and I heard all kinds of stories told about this company, including how the training was done.

Please excuse me, but I never heard such CRAP in my life!

I remember standing in a building in Victorville, California, listening to someone who worked for a competitor telling some newbies how my company trained people.  He went on for several minutes, speaking quite seriously and confidently.  Except for the fact that we had a training program, everything he said was totally false!

I was not surprised, however, as I knew that everything he said was told over and over across the country by people who had never even been inside of one of our buildings.

I walked over and politely asked him where he had learned his "facts". 

He replied that "everybody knew this".

I then explained that I was an instructor in the program he was talking about, and I had never heard of one of our instructional programs being run the way he had described.  In fact, we took great pains to avoid the situations that he had claimed were common to our program!  To do what he claimed we did was completely against company policy, and instructors had been fired for trying to do things the way he had described.

A couple of months after that, I was training a new group of employees, many of whom had worked for competitors for several years.  After the final presentation/graduation, one came up to me and said, "Don.  For many years I have been repeating the same old stories that I had heard about this company when I first started in this business.  I now know that what I have heard is lies, and I want to apologize to you for having spread them for so many years."

So, nobody and nothing is perfect, but, if a company is selling a product, tells you what that product can do for you if properly used, and delivers that product at a price that you are willing to pay then I don't think that most people can speak ill of it.

This all applies to the Corey Rudl Internet Marketing Course, and all the other products provided by the Internet Marketing Center.  Some will succeed, some will fail.  Many who would not have succeeded without it, or only after a long, difficult, and expensive self-eduction, will either succeed or learn that Internet marketing is not for them.  The lesson, or the success, will be much less expensive and less self destructive than other ways.

I guess my bottom line is that I have bought a couple of IMC products and been quite satisfied with them. I have received good support and have known others who purchased what they considered to be quality products from the Internet Marketing Center as well. I could agree that some of their marketing materials, especially as modified by some who sell their products, can appear to offer extreme results for little effort. However, the fact is that they sell Internet marketing tools, just as the hardware store sells shovels. No matter how great the shovel, nor how unlikely the claims, the shovel can be used to dig a hole, but someone has pick the shovel up and work long and hard enough to get the hole dug. My copy of the Corey Rudl Internet Marketing Course is well-thumbed, underlined, and highlighted.  I cannot begin to explain how much I have gotten from it in terms of time, money, ideas, and information.  I cannot say what you will get out of it, but I do know what is IN it.

I know it took a long time to answer the question and I want to thank you for sticking with me so here it is:

QUESTION:  Is The Internet Marketing Center a Scam?


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Is the Internet Marketing Center a Scam

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