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Biggest Cost of Starting an Internet Business
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What is the Biggest Cost of Starting an Internet Business?

First of all, who am I and why should my advice matter?

My name is Donovan Baldwin, please call me Don, however.  I have been an Internet marketer since 1998 when I began selling Mason Shoes online using a free website.

I was incredibly ignorant, but still, I managed to sell Mason shoes and make a little pocket money with my simple little Internet business. One day, Mason shoes announced that they were no longer going to use independent distributors like me.

I still did not know much about Internet marketing, and I actually decided to teach myself HTML programming so that I could possibly get a job as a website designer. While learning about using graphics in a website, I joined a couple of affiliate programs and put some links to some business on a bunch of free websites.

One day, a check arrived in the mail.

I had no idea how I had earned the check, but fortunately, I was able to backtrack its source and found that I had sold some NutriSystem product as an affiliate.  I knew which website had produced the sale, so I began promoting that website.

I also began began trying to learn what I could about Internet marketing.

With a fairly steady stream of income coming in, I registered some domain names, built some more websites, and began paying for advertising...and other types of promotion.

I spent hours online, and spent all kinds of money to promote my online business...and I DO mean ALL KINDS OF MONEY!

Now, I was hooked up with a good program, so the money was rolling in pretty well.  Paying for the things I paid for didn't hurt much, as I had a lot left over to spend on myself and my family.

However, I began to think that maybe there might be better, more effective and efficient ways to go about attracting visitors to my websites and making sales.  As a result of this thought, I began looking around for a good Internet Marketing course.

As I had delved into the world of Internet marketing, I had signed up for all kinds of affiliate programs.  As I did my research into Internet marketing courses, I discovered one seemed to the best such product on the market...The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet by Corey Rudl and the Internet Marketing Center team.

However, I was a bit put off by the price.  After all the money I had spent, laying out another couple of hundred for an Internet marketing course seemed almost the last straw.  After all, I WAS already a successful and experienced Internet marketer, even if I only got to keep about 50% of the six figure income I had coming in from my Internet business.

In time, I talked myself into shelling out the money for The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet.  When the course arrived at my house, I greedily began to read through the two thick volumes which I received.  After a few pages, I began to feel disappointment as suggestion after suggestion seemed to be something I was already doing.

Finally, I began to see things I had not been doing, or realized I COULD do, and actually found several good ideas for increasing website traffic and sales while cutting my operating (mainly advertising) costs, and I began to believe that sending for The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet had been a good investment.

As I kept reading, I began to realize something else as well. 

At the time I purchased The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet, it cost a little over $200. 

The more I thought about it, the more I came to realize that in learning all those things that showed up on my doorstep in that course, I had paid out 50 times as much and more by buying advertising I did not need, useless materials, and programs that did not deliver as promised.

I had literally spent thousands of dollars in what I call "unintentional tuition" in the Internet marketing school of hard knocks!  I had also spent hours of my life glued to a computer screen as I followed false leads and created useless promotions which were not seen by anybody or never led a customer to my websites.

I realized that if I had purchased The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet early on in my career as an Internet marketer, my Internet business would have taken off much sooner and would have progressed much faster.  Even if I had never been successful with an online business, the course showed me what was involved in building a successful Internet business for peanuts, and for a lot less time, as opposed to the huge outlay in cash and hours of my life I had invested.

This is why I never hesitate to recommend The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet to anyone who is considering building an online business.  You see, I know that the biggest cost of starting an Internet business is ignorance. 

I have looked at, and bought, several Internet marketing courses over the years.  I have learned something from many of them.  I have found that even the simplest and least effective at least cover the basics.  However, out of all the courses I have seen and/or written about, the best designed and most comprehensive was The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet.

Even if you choose to purchase a simpler, less expensive course, such as Holly Mann's "Honest Riches", The Rich Jerk's Internet marketing course, or Dylan Loh's ClickBank Profit Machine, you will wind up spending less in the long run than if you try to figure out the secrets of Internet marketing on your own.

You see, the biggest cost of starting an Internet business is...ignorance!

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Cost of Starting an Internet Business
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