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Most computers that are online have some sort of spyware operating in the background. Using computers infected with harmful adware, spyware and other trojans is a huge security risk and an invasion of your privacy.

A common indication that your PC has been infected with adware and
spyware is usually a slow machine and offensive
popups each time you are online.

Scan your PC with NoAdware right now for free and get rid of that helpless feeling.


"After just purchasing your product, I couldn''t believe just how unintrusive it is, the program simply zips through the system and detects files that most internet users are totaly unaware off, it runs with a "no mercy" theme and does a brilliant job of elimination."

-Tom Vinters

"I would like to thank you for your product. We had 18 parasites on our computer and after we ran your program our computer has operated so much smoother and the strange behavior and freezing has stopped. We are very happy."

- Phil Bates

""I was a bit dubious about noadware at first. let me tell you my computer is now zippier. perkier. it really helped. I had quite a few invasions by bad parasites. my computer now zips through things. thank you!"

- Cynthia D'cruz

remove spyware and adware
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