GDI Step by Step Wealth Guide - Toll-Free Voicemail Marketing

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It is important to understand the power of having a toll-free voicemail box that can work for you while also using the GDI DVD as a marketing tool. Most prospects are usually willing to listen to a recorded message and your voicemail box will work for you around the clock.

With toll-free voicemail you can enhance your image and increase productivity.  You are able to boost business communication with interested prospects. A toll-free voicemail is now an essential and inexpensive tool to have.

Here are a few things to look for in a toll-free voicemail provider:

• Email or web delivery of all voicemail messages
• Real time call detail reporting
• Call blocking controls
• Advanced call forwarding options

You can actually get some good voicemail service with a cheap cellphone these days and you can get several companies to provide a toll-free number which directs to that cellphone.  You can get some good cellphone deals at Tel3Mobile...or just go buy a TracFone.
When you give out a DVD include your toll-free voicemail number with it.

When they call your voicemail number, you will be able to provide them with additional information through a recorded message. If you choose, they will also have the ability to leave you messages.  This is a simple way of attracting more signups. You must do everything you can to make it simple for them to get the information they want.

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