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Change your life with your own GDI home business

It's fun to make money online while you meet new people each and every day, and at the same time, you get to see all the people who are still working 9-5 jobs for a fraction of what they are really worth so you can be reminded of your reasons for joining GDI and working on your own terms.

For these reasons, marketing GDI in person, face-to-face, is a preferred method of many of
our affiliates.

Here are some important things you'll need for this method:

• A few copies of the Global Domains International DVD
• A notepad and pen (or pencil)
• A great attitude and a smile

The best thing about using this excellent method is that you can fail 80%
(or even more) of the time and still build a VERY SOLID BUSINESS -
and in very little time.

Face to Face DVD prospecting can be a truly rejection-proof way to explode your GDI organization into something that will provide a full time, lifelong income.

The key to the whole DVD prospecting method is to be on the lookout for the prospects who display a genuine interest in the business AFTER watching the DVD.

Let the GDI DVD handle all the potential rejection for you.

We'll use a real-world example. For the purposes of this example, we'll say that your failure rate is as high as 80%, which means that only 2 out of 10 people who watch a DVD take a free trial of the GDI opportunity.

Now, assume you're starting with an organization of only 10 people, and each of you makes a commitment to hand out just 3 DVDs per day. You'll only need to purchase about 10-25 DVDs each to make this happen, because they can easily be "recycled" and used again.

Let's look at some numbers:

10 of your team members hand out 3 DVDs each, per day. That's 30 new prospects, each and every day. Imagine how little time you'll spend finding just a few people each day to hand a DVD to. Just minutes. 30 new prospects per day over the course of a year is 10,950 exposures to the GDI presentation.

Even with a high 80% rate of failure, your 10-person team could generate at least 2,190 new GDI affiliates using this method alone, and that's if NONE of the new affiliates you are recruiting ever did anything! But they will do something, because this method is easy to duplicate.

...AND: This would be 2000+ affiliates on your 2nd layer alone. The big money comes on layers 3, 4, and 5, when those people duplicate your efforts. In time, you could have many thousands of affiliates under you within all 5 layers, and remember: you will earn 10% of each domains' service fee* registered by people in your commissionable downline, which can equate to THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS EVERY MONTH, whether you are working the business, or taking time off to be with your family and friends!

Simply be on the lookout for people who look like they would succeed in this business. If you know they are in need of money or that they have some computer skills, that's even better.

Introduce yourself, hand them a DVD, and then ask them if they would be willing to take some time out of their busy day to watch it and give you some feedback on what you believe to be one of the most exciting opportunities to earn some extra money that you've ever seen.

Make sure to carry a small notepad with you so you can write down names and phone numbers. That way you can call to follow-up, and at the least - you can schedule a time to get back with them and pick up the DVD.

By letting a prospect know that you'd like to get the DVD back from them in a few days, you're applying some gentle pressure that will make them more likely to watch the DVD while YOU are still fresh in their mind.

As we said before, let the DVD do the selling, telling and explaining. If a prospect asks you "What is this about?" politely ask them to watch the presentation on the DVD first, and that you'll be glad to answer any remaining questions they have after doing that. An effective and intriguing thing to say is:

"That's the beauty of this business and why people all over the world are making great incomes by simply lending others copies of their DVD. It does all of the explaining of this amazing opportunity, so we don't have to!"

In a few days, follow-up and get your DVD back. If your prospect is interested, they'll let you know. If they are not, you'll know that too. The important thing is that you didn't spend a lot of time explaining the GDI opportunity to someone who MAY or MAY NOT have had an interest.

You let the DVD do the tedious work and you're only answering a few questions from INTERESTED PROSPECTS and showing people how and where to signup for their free trial, and then sharing this same prospecting method with them once they are an affiliate.

They'll know how little time and effort it took YOU to introduce THEM to the business, and they'll remember that. They'll already know how simple this method is, and they'll want to do it themselves.

When your team is using a TRULY SIMPLE method of prospecting, duplication comes naturally.

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