GDI Step by Step Wealth Guide - 3rd Party Validation/Direct Send Method

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3rd Party Validation/Direct Send Method

When you let a friend know about GDI and the outstanding business opportunity being offered, they are likely to take a look at it based on your friendship alone. But unless you've been doing business online for a long time and that person knows you're successful at it, it's important to have 3rd party validation working on your side to lend credibility to what you're saying.

By "3rd party validation", we simply mean someone else - ANYONE but you - confirming the facts about GDI and letting your prospects know that this company is for real, and that the potential for profit is enormous.

Think about this for a minute. In the network marketing industry, ALL of the top recruiters have one thing in common. They use 3rd party validation to gain instant credibility with the people they talk to about their business. Whether that comes in the form of a conference call, a 3-way call with their sponsor and a prospect, or by using a professional presentation loaded with great testimonials from successful affiliates, this instant boost in credibility works like wildfire when it comes to getting people to take your business seriously.

Until now, making sure that every prospect takes you seriously required some planning. You had to schedule a time to do a call with someone else, or convince your prospect to dial into a conference call at a certain time. Even if you have been successful at it, you might have trouble getting the business builders in your organization to follow your lead and take the same actions you have because everyone cannot easily duplicate them.

And what if your prospect doesn't speak the same language you do? What do you do if they live 5,000 miles away and it's not convenient for them to use the phone at the same time you usually do? How do you find a way around it if a prospect won't let you get your foot in the door because they don't know you from the last person who contacted them?

How can you gain that much needed credibility that will assure you that every word of your presentation is heard and believed?

Here's how. Send a professionally produced DVD presentation, shipped directly to your prospects by our shipping center, for just a few bucks. You cannot make a better first impression.

With all the so-called opportunities floating around on the Internet today, it's important that you set yourself apart from the crowd. Wouldn't you be impressed and highly inclined to watch a brief business presentation that you've received in your mailbox?

You'll benefit from INSTANT 3rd party validation from other successful affiliates, before your prospect even takes the DVD out of the sleeve (there are testimonials on the cover).

And, your own GDI "access code" (username: mine is donovanbaldwin) is on the cover so your prospect can take a free trial as soon as they have watched the DVD. It's likely that many will do this before they even get to the end of the presentation.

You can even have GDI ship your DVDs, directly to your prospects!

Simply place your DVD orders in single quantities, and you can specify the person you'd like to have it shipped to. Global Domains International will label it, address it to your prospect and use YOUR return address, and YOUR ACCESS CODE (Sponsor ID, AKA Username), shrink wrap it, and put it in the mail.

Could it be any easier to get the instant credibility that is so important to your business?

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