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We recommend the use of 6x10 padded or bubble mailers when sending DVDs by

Normal first class postal mail shipping cost is around $1.60 for a U.S. address to another U.S. address, but varies with both your location and the location of the recipient.

Office Supplies:

• Office Depot:
• Staples:
• eBay: often has some great deals on mailing supplies in the
following category: Office, Printing & Shipping Mailing:

Many post offices now have automated mailing stations where you can weigh your envelopes, enter the zip code they are going to, and print out a stamp for the exact amount.   You can print all the exact stamps you need and then pay for them all with a debit or credit card.

Here's a neat touch: now offers a product where you can put your own image on postage stamps that you print out right from your home computer. How could your prospects resist seeing what's inside your envelope?

They can't!

Need More DVDs?

You can order more DVDs at any time through your member back office or you can have GDI send a DVD directly to your prospect, shrink wrapped and already labeled with your user ID.

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