The Lure of San Francisco

A Romance Amid Old Landmarks

Elizabeth Gray Potter
Mabel Thayer Gray

Illustrated By
Audley B. Wells

Paul Elder & Company
Publishers San Francisco

Copyright, 1915, By
Paul Elder & Co.
San Francisco

To Our Mother


The average visitor considers California's claim to historic recognition as dating from the discovery of gold. Her children, both by birth and adoption, have a hazy pride in her Spanish origin but are too busy with today's interests to take much thought of it. They know that somewhere over in the Mission is the old adobe church. They rejoice that it escaped the fire but have no time to visit it. They will proudly tell their eastern friends of its existence and that the Presidio received its name from the Spaniards but further narration of the heritage is lost in exclamations over the beauty of the drives and the views, while the historic significance of Portsmouth Square is smothered in the delight over Chinese embroideries, bronzes and cloisonné.

May this little book aid in the general awaking of the dormant love of every Californian for his possessions and be a suggestion to the casual visitor that we are entitled to the dignity of age.


The Mission and its Romance
   A view from Twin Peaks—The city with its historic crosses. A visit
   to the old church—Its past, and the romance of Lüis Argüello.
The Presidio, Past and Present
   The Spanish Fortifications and the love story of Concepcion and
The Plaza and its Echoes
   A Chinese restaurant. Yerba Buena and the reminiscences of a
Telegraph Hill of Unique Fame
   The Latin quarter. The signal station of '49 and a view of the city
   as it was. The Golden Gate.

List of Illustrations (not included in this presentation)

The Mission
   "The modern structures crowd upon the low adobe building."
Prayer Book Cross
   "A granite cross just visible above the trees in Golden Gate Park."
At Lotta's Fountain
   "We watched the people purchasing flowers on the corner."
The Officer's Club House at the Presidio
   "Of a different generation from its neighbors."
A Street in Chinatown
   "We must take a look at the spot where the first house stood."
Portsmouth Square
   "The entire history of San Francisco was made around this Plaza."
A Fountain in the Latin Quarter
   "Stooping to drink from his hand on the edge of a little pool."
A Sunset Thro' the Golden Gate
   "The last rays gilded the cliffs on either side."

Sights to See in San Francisco

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