Review of ProTrackerPlus

ProTrackerPlus - All you want in a Tracker... Plus the Training You Deserve

Pro Tracker Plus tracks and analyzes ANY and ALL aspects of your business promotions and provides you with REAL TIME analytics and detailed statistics 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Review of Pro Tracker Plus
By Donovan Baldwin

Internet marketing in general, and affiliate marketing in particular, have some very specific needs. One of these is the ever increasing need to get ahead of your competition...and stay there! Hundred of thousands of Internet marketers across the Internet, and around the world, would vastly improve their performance, i.e. income, with the aid of one simple tracking software.

So, what does an ad tracking program do for the affiliate marketer?
It allows the marketer to find out exactly where their revenue is coming from and, perhaps even more important, where their profits should be re-invested. It is this re-investment of small original profits which allow the new, small, business to grow.

While free marketing tools and websites, such as free manual traffic exchanges, may be just fine to get most online businesses started, you will almost certainly need to purchase online marketing services from many of these websites...ONCE YOU KNOW THEY WORK...AND...HOW WELL THEY WORK!

Well, if you began this article wondering "What exactly is an ad tracking?", let me explain.

Advertising campaign and website performance tracking for affiliates is commonly done with the help of a software program or tracking service that tracks (surprise), traces and makes note of where and when every click of the mouse occurs when made by a visitor to your website.

This means that ad trackers, such as ProTrackerPlus, lets you keep an eye on how your marketing and advertising efforts are performing...both on and offline.

If you don't know which advertising efforts are producing results, and, more important, which ones are not working at all, how will you know where to concentrate your marketing efforts...AND YOUR MONEY?

Most affiliate programs offer only a generic page to their members, and, at best, the "tracking" which is done is a count of how many hits your web page has received. If you have 17 websites and/or ads promoting your website, how can you ever know which one is actually sending visitors to your site?

Well, there are many good ad tracking tools and services that can do all the tracking for you. A few will even teach you how to best use their services and understand and interpret the tracking data that their ad tracking service provides.

These programs really are important when you have many affiliate, advertising, and pay-per-click programs going on at once. The good ones will allow you to track ads in emails, pop-ups and pop-unders, slide ins etc. You will be able to follow the flow from message boards, auto responders, Ezines, News Letters, forums, web sites, surveys and any other marketing or advertising media that you might use.

With the help of a good ad tracker, you will know with a high level of certainty how many, and which, of your links were clicked on, how many of your email messages were actually opened and how many of those who opened your message eventually clicked through to your web site. With a good ad tracking service, you will know if they purchased a product, how many products were purchased. You will be able to tell which of your banner ads or text links brought the most leads, sales and had the highest click through ratios, plus all of the supporting data to go along with it.

For the serious affiliate marketer, every decision and plan that is made must be well grounded in reality. You are only human, and your plan of action may not be ever the absolute best marketing plan. However, if you have implemented a high-quality ad tracking program into your Internet marketing strategy, you will know much better when to make the critical tweaks and changes that can turn a mildly successful plan of action into a highly profitable one.

There are many free ad tracking methods out there. For example, you can get good free (though limited) ad tracking as a member of Easy Downlines. However, in the world of marketing, as in so many other areas, you get what you pay for and!

Among the few paid ad tracker products, my favorite is a comprehensive and user friendly tracking service which also teaches and trains you. You will learn in depth why tracking of ads is needed and how you can make it pay for your business purposes. ProTrackerPlus is well known to professional Internet and affiliate marketers...and is used by many of the best.

ProTrackerPlus is already designed and set up for your affiliate marketing needs by having the only tracking program that can track sales and actions on affiliate websites.

This is important, because when you sign up for an affiliate program you are generally given a self-replicated website with your affiliate id inserted in it. Normally you don't have any control over this website, ie, you can't edit or modify the pages. You also, as mentioned above, usually cannot track its importance.

This is because the statistic programs that come with affiliate programs will usually only be able to tell you how many total clicks and sales you have generated with your affiliate ID. There is usually no way to tell which of your ads, and which website, actually generated those sales!

With ProTrackerPlus, it is now possible to track the source of your sales....even on self-replicating websites that you can't control.

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ProTrackerPlus - All you want in a Tracker... Plus the Training You Deserve

I like and recommend AdTrackerPro to the serious affiliate marketer because it tracks and analyzes ANY and ALL aspects of your business promotions and provides you with REAL TIME analytics and detailed statistics 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Plus it keeps a list of all the tracking links, analytics reports and stats so that you can easily review, change or update your web metrics at any time from the private members area. Not only that... You can even have your site statistics emailed to you daily, weekly or monthly!

For more information about how to track online promotions please click on the link title below:
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Review of Pro Tracker Plus
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