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Global Domains International Review
Home Based Internet Business Opportunity

I hope you enjoy this little article and gain some valuable insight and information from it.

A Review of the Global Domains International Home Business Opportunity
By Donovan Baldwin

When you are seeking information about a company you know little about, it is always good to hear first hand from someone who has been there ahead of you.  If you get the information from people who have a vested interest in selling you the program, you know that all they are going to tell you is the "good" stuff...even if it is just what they want you to hear.

Now, I have had my own GDI home business for many years and decided to write this brief Global Domains International review to give you some idea of what you might be getting into if you invest your time and money in this online business opportunity.

Let's just address the first question on everyone's mind.

Is Global Domains International a scam?

Not in my book.

I have been in Internet marketing for several years, making six figures with various online businesses, and I got involved with them because I bought the product, i.e. purchased a .ws website from them.  I got my .ws website simply because it was important to me to get a domain name that had not been already used as a .com or .net.  Through Global Domains International, I was able to purchase the exact .ws website domain that I wanted. I have done this several times since then, and have heard from many people who also feel that the product is a valuable one.

So how come people don't make money with Global Domains International?

Well, probably for the same reasons that the small restaurant that opened up in my town last Summer was closed by Fall.

You know, the Small Business Administration will tell you that approximately 95% of all small businesses fail within their first five years.  The reason GDI businesses fail are primarily for the same reasons that new restaurants fail, as do AVON distributors, AMSOIL dealers, Tupperware vendors, and so on.

Just because someone is not successful with a product does not mean that it is a scam. 

I, and several other thousands of people, buy the product, the .ws domain, offerred by GDI.  We also sell it and make money by doing so.  At the same time, thousands more jump in lured by the idea of making lots of money online and soon learn a hard lesson.  There is no quick and easy way to getting rich...unless you win the lottery.  Global Domains International is the same way.

If you convince a few people that the Global Domains International .ws website is of value to them, you will make a few dollars.  If you convince a few people that starting a Global Domains International Internet business is a good way to make a few dollars, you will make more.  The more people you convince to do either, the more money you make. 

Now, this is the key.  Most people sign up for a .ws website in order to make money with a Global Domains International home based Internet business without having the foggiest idea of what to do next.  Many will never educate themselves on the subject.  They will flounder for a while, and might even generate a few signups, but, after a while, the realization will hit them that they are not going to make a ton of money overnight. 

At that point, most people just give up.  It is also at that point that they begin to put Global Domains International and "scam" into the same sentence.  I have seen this with many other programs that were making lots of money for me and others.

If you wish to be successful with an Internet business, such as the Global Domains International home business, you need to educate yourself on how to sell things online.  A great investment which can eventually save you a lot of money, time, and frustration is the Corey Rudl Internet marketing course, now sold by Derek Gehl since Corey Rudl's death a few years ago.  This is the premier Internet marketing course, and will teach you the techniques of how to sell anything online.

However, taking the course and having a great product is no guarantee of success.  On the other hand, if you want to start some Internet business such as the Global Domains International home based business and hope NOT to be one of those in th 95% who fail within five years, educate yourself before you ever get started.

If you do want to get started, selling .ws websites for Global Domains International is a simple product to understand and market, it requires a very small investment, no inventory, and provides a ton of marketing tools which you will learn how to use to maximum advantage with the Corey Rudl Internet marketing course from the Internet Marketing Center..

I hope you have learned a little in this Global Domains International review and will click here to take a look at their home based Internet business opportunity.

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Global Domains International Review

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