Working From Home As A Virtual Assistant
By Donovan Baldwin

How do I start a business and make money working from home?

Do you have basic organizational and business skills, a strong work ethic, and an understanding of how to use a home computer, basic software, and the Internet?

Have you thought of becoming a virtual assistant?

How to Become a Virtual AssistantAs part time jobs go, working as a remote secretary is both personally and financially rewarding.

Did you know that some people make US$45 $80 per hour working from home as a Virtual Assistant (remote secretary), and now, you can do exactly the same, working either part-time or full-time.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Well, I guess the terms "remote secretary" and "virtual assistant" can give you a pretty good idea of what they do. Working from home, a virtual assistant, or VA, handles a wide range of tasks for others. As an individual, working from home, the virtual assistant can pretty much bill whatever they wish, but, as any business owner knows, customers should be charged reasonable rates for your services.

Of course, the virtual assistant, or remote secretary, can easily charge between $45 and $80 per hour for services rendered.

What Are the Services of a Remote Secretary?

Well, there are several tasks that a virtual assistant working from home might perform...but, most of them are not incredibly difficult.

For example, a virtual assistan needs some basic office and business administration skills. However, as with any job, the more you know and can do, the more you can offer your customers, and, the more work you can get, and the more you can charge for your work.

It helps to have a good understanding of the Internet in general, and Internet marketing and social media in paticular.

A good remote secretary also needs to be a highly organized person, able to communicate effectively, while paying careful attention to detail.

Failure to stay on top of the needs of a client on the part of a remote secretary, or virtual assistant, can result in fumbles such as missed deadlines, passing or acting on incorrect information, and some very unhappy clients! Some clients will need additional technical skills, such as writing, marketing, email marketing, blog or website maintenance, and multimedia production.

Of course, working with specific types of clients will call for specific skill sets. For example, if you work with lawyers, real estate agents, or motivational speakers, you will have to familiarize yourself with their needs and specific aspects of their particular business in addition to the standard skill of the virtual assistant.

Knowing that you might want to become a remote secretary is one thing. Answering the question, "How do I start a business as a virtual assistant?", is another.

As part time jobs go, it's really pretty simple...and much more lucrative than many others. However, figuring out how to get started and build a virtual assistant business is apt to be a rocky road if you don't know what you are doing.

How Do I Become a Virtual Assistant?

That's where "How To Become A Virtual Assistant", by Lisa Taliga, comes in.

Lisa TaligaLisa has been a virtual assistant for many years now, and, while she loved her previous positions as a corporate secretary/administrative assistant, she loves the freedom, and the income, that she gets working from home as a remote secretary/virtual assistant for others.

She considered various full time positions, and part time jobs, but, eventually, built her own home based virtual assistant business.

Lisa Taliga had to learn everything the hard way, but, she has put everything she knows, and everything you need to get started working from home as a remote secretary/virtual assistant, into a perfect reference for any one wondering, "How do I start a business as a virtual assistant/remote secretary?"...."How to Become a Virtual Assistant".

Working From Home As A Virtual Assistant
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