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Are you willing to commit time, effort, and maybe even some of your own hard earned money to help your home business grow?


Anyone who wants to succeed with a home business needs one thing at least...motivation!

Click here for extra income from website trafficMotivation is the driving force of a successful home business, and, since motivation is the result of passion it is a good idea for most people to choose a home business, or product, about which they are passionate. Everybody who deals with business success will tell your that motivation, and, in particular, sustained motivation, is one of the necessary keys to success.

When you first begin toying with, or even implementing, the idea of making some extra income with a home business, it is that passion, and the motivation it engenders, which keeps the home business owner going through the early stages...which often are full of pitfalls, errors, and ever losses.

At first, the idea that you can possibly make a lot of money, be your own boss, or even just enjoy the fruits of being able to work at home, can be the driving force that gets you going and keeps you moving for a while. But, as often happens with new businesses, if the desired rewards don't show up at first, that passion, that motivation, can begin to slip away.

That's when it's important to have a geniune enjoyment of whatever your home business is about. That is what will keep you working at it until the extra income, or other rewards, begin to become apparent. Once that extra income, or other reward, DOES make its appearance, then you will be doubly rewarded. The rewards can be even more if you are helping others achieve their dreams or desires as you achieve yours.


Okay, let's talk about you.


Do you have faith in yourself and your willingness to achieve those dreams?

Are you willing to commit time, effort, and maybe even some of your own hard earned money to help your home business grow?

If you cannot make that committment from the first day, and, through the hard times, then you might as well give up the idea of earning extra income with a home business.

Also, your approval will have to come from within, as most others will think you are crazy!

Whether out of ignorance, jealousy, or the best of intentions, they are going to tell you that earning extra income with a home business is too risky, at best, or, that you are nuts...at worst. You will have to find the courage, and the willingness to put up with even your own doubts, to achieve your dreams...and the goals that will get you there.


I don't want to imply that just because something doesn't work, you ARE a failure, but, you remember what Edison said: He didn't FAIL, he just learned new ways NOT to make a light bulb.

As "Jane Ace" on the old radio shoe, "Easy Aces", used to say to her on air husband, "Goodman Ace", "You have to take the bitter with the batter".

Almost as bad as Yogi Berra's, "It ain't over 'til it's over."

A "failure" is just part of the learning process as YOU learn how to earn extra income with a home business. Each one will be painful, and most will be inevitable, but none of them have to be the end. As with any trade or vocation, continue to work and learn, and, eventually, you will see the success you have been striving for.

Many people think of the word "discipline" as having to do with punishment. Nothing is farther from the truth. Discipline may not always be "fun" at the moment, but, it means having the courage to do what needs to be done. As a home business owner wishing to make extra income, there will be no "boss" to tell you what to do, when to do it, and, when it is done.

You will have to have the discipline to do what a "boss" would do if you were still showing up to work for someone else.

Eventually, earning extra income is your ultimate goal, but, particularly at first, your goal will be to do what it takes to build your home business.

On the following pages of this website are articles about home business options, tools, and opportunities.

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