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When we think about going to many of the Cities of the World, we often want to know where we can get something good to eat.  The range goes from greasy spoon to find dining.

Oddly enough, it wasn't too many years ago that using the word "dining", when talking about Las Vegas would have elicited laughter from most tourists, and a great many gourmets.

True, food in Vegas was cheap...after all, you could get a steak for $2...but it was barely edible. The "all-you-can-eat" buffets for a few bucks were no better. The cheap food was there simply to draw in the crowds, who would then spend money gambling...and everybody knew it.

But, today's Las Vegas is different from the way it was in the old days. There's more things to do, such as visiting local natural attractions, such as Red Rock Canyon, shopping, or one of the many entertainment extravaganzas, such as Cirque de Soleil. One of the other differences in Las Vegas, compared to the old days, is the dining experiences available in Vegas.

Heck, there are now almost as many fine restaurants in Las Vegas as there are in New York City or Paris!

Let's just talk about that word "fine" in relation to Las Vegas dining for a second.

It might have been different years ago, but, in today's Vegas, "fine dining" is sometimes an understatement. Having long ago attracted some of the world's most notable chefs, Las Vegas has become a true restauranteur's town. Whether you want some good but simple fare at Planet Hollywood, or won't eat anything less than Emeril's finest creations, you'll find something here to satisfy.

Bouchon at the Venetian is one of the most popular attractions for Las Vegas food lovers. Moderately priced, the food is still outstanding in this French bistro setting. With a full bar and private rooms, you can pretty much pick the kind of atmosphere you want to go along with the fine meal.

For truly 4-star French, though, you'll want drop by the Bellagio to visit Le Cirque in Las Vegas. An import from New York, it has all the outstanding features of that metropolitan delight. The lobster is, as they say, to die for even if your diet allows for no more than a few bits in a salad. The already excellent heirloom tomato soup can be livened up with morel mushrooms to give the diner a distinctive dish to remember.

Le Cirque offers an intimate setting fleshed out by circus-themed decor.  The atmosphere is hushed, making it the perfect spot for dinner for two. But, be sure to dress well. Las Vegas casual doesn't cut it in this up-scale establishment.

For the finest seafood in town, Commander's Palace inside the Planet Hollywood Resort is the place to go. Known by its New Orleans roots, of course you can find many cajun and creole offerings. But the atmosphere is fine, too. The cream and black decor accented with gold makes it a visual treat to go with the gustatory.

Items at the Commander's Palace are pricey, of course, but worth every penny. The tasso shrimp henican appetizer, for example, could be a meal all by itself. For the truly daring diner, there's turtle soup. For a main course try the pork loin with cayenne catsup and be ready to pig out. While there, don't forget to try some of the bread pudding dessert (my wife's favorite), even if you have to split it to make room after the huge meal.

For another delight, try Planet Hollywood. Located inside Caesars Palace the iconic establishment offers everything from burgers to gourmet pizza to a broad range of sandwiches. A bit on the lively side, referring to the interior decoration of Planet Hollywood as "decor" would be doing it a disservice. Let's just call it a "setting" instead.

Unique. That's a good word for it.

Don't try to leave without sampling a Ghirardelli chocolate brownie - a specialty of the house.

For the final meal of your visit to Las Vegas you may want to save an evening, or at least a lunch to go to Wolfgang Puck's Bar & Grill inside the MGM Grand. A dining establisment that redifines "fast food" to be something truly special, you'll enjoy the energetic California-style setting. The Maine crab cakes are always a good selection.

Whatever your taste in food might be, Las Vegas now has more than you can enjoy in a single visit. If you want to sample all the Las Vegas dining opportunities, better plan to come back often.

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