Las Vegas, Nevada - Cirque du Soleil

To the minds of many, the astounding Cirque du Soleil is an enormous acrobatic act.  However, it is so much more.

If you have an image of the old time circus with clowns and acrobats, be prepared for a shock. Cirque du Soleil has this, and more, but in a form that is wildly different from anything you might be familiar with.

With a cast and crew which includes dozens of artists - tumblers, firebreathers, clowns and others - the show has many of the traditional entertainers. However, the similarity to conventional circuses ends there. The difference is immediately and plainly visible the moment you first see the entertainers. Mystical figures with carefully crafted makeup and costumes which must be seen to be appreciated.

Deep blue, royal purble, or orange suits with tie-dyed designs, Chinese red capes and kaleidoscopic makeup are only the beginning. Every color of the rainbow, every texture of fabric and material is utilized to create and enhance the spectacle.

The performers of Cirque de Soleil are among the best acrobats in the world, gathered from more than a dozen countries. They display their vast, and sometimes seemingly impossible,  talents inside huge arenas that seat over 1,600.

Not only impacting the visitor with the variety and theatrical diversity and power of costume (or lack of it) and makeup, they astound audience members with their skill. But that skill is in service of the most unusual, individual and innovative choreography around.

Whether it's an Aerial High Bar act with performers making death-defying leaps that make it seem as if they truly can fly, or the Alexis Brothers with their amazing tumbling the show's amazine pace and performance never lets up for a moment. For 90 minutes at the Mystere Theatre audience is agog with wonder as they watch the show unfold. At the MGM the KA show, a heroic tale of twins who embark on an adventurous journey to fulfill their destinies, dazzles the eye. The "O" performance is as wondrous as its title signifying 'everything'.

The many dancers of the Cirque du Soleil are one of the highlights. Combining traditional movements from their native countries together with modern twists and turns that surprise at every pas, the artists leave you with something to remember for a long time afterward.

But the show at Cirque de Soleil isn't all just about the traditional high wire acts, comedy or dancers in new costumes. Each show is themed in a unique way which weaves and tangles and then resolves like a complex detective story. It is not unusual for someone to attend several times to unravel all the mystery and awe that's packed into each performance.

Be aware that performances can be crowded. Once a novelty

Cirque du Soleil has taken center stage in Las Vegas and became an important part of the whole 'Vegas experience'.. Like a lot of the shows found in Las Vegas, tickets can be a bit high but an Internet search might yield a discount for your visit.

Well worth the price, with a lifetime of memories included in the cost, the Cirque du Soleil is an unforgettable theatrical experience. Don't miss seeing it in the Desert City of Lights.

Tickets to the various performances are available from many sources, and many of the larger hotels have their own perromance goin' on. For example, Mystere is at the Treasure Island, and "O" is at the Bellagio.

Whether "O", KA, Zumanity, Viva Elvis, Mystere, or any of the several other shows that are created over the months and years, Cirque du Soleil will always leave you guessing what's next.

Cirque du Soleil
8400, 2E Avenue
Montreal, Quebec, H1Z 4M6 Canada

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Las Vegas, Nevada - Cirque du Soleil


Las Vegas - Cirque de Soliel
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