GDI Step by Step Wealth Guide - The Email/DVD Method Using Leads or Advertising

Change your life with your own GDI home business

Perhaps you're confined to your home office for the time being. We've seen a variety of reasons, including stay at home moms, people without easy transportation, those of you who are physically disabled, etc.

Or maybe you just don't enjoy talking with cold prospects face-to-face!

So how can you work from home ONLY and still generate a lot of new signups?

By far the easiest way to do this is by using DVDs along with your email marketing.

A lot of you are Internet marketers at heart, and you wouldn't consider yourself an old-school network marketer that likes holding meetings or talking to random strangers. If that's the case with you, you'll be happy to know there are ways of finding good people to send DVDs to that work very well.

Many of you have asked about using leads, and if it's okay to email your own lists of leads about GDI, specifically - leads that you have purchased through outside vendors. The answer to that question is that you certainly CANNOT enter mass leads lists into the GDI invite system.

However, there is a responsible way you can use your own leads to find great people to send DVDs to. Obviously, you won't want to send a DVD to every lead you have on your lists. It would never be cost effective, and a lot of the time, the mailing addresses (or even names) on lists of leads you purchase are incorrect.

So, before you ever send a DVD to a lead, you'll first want to sift and sort.

By this, we simply mean that you'll want to use your list in a way that will help you determine the good prospects for sending a DVD to, and that will assist you in weeding out all the bad prospects, or those people who didn't provide valid contact information.

If you're going to use this method, here are some important tips and rules YOU MUST follow:

• Remember, you are offering a FREE DVD about how to make money online in exchange for that person confirming their interest in such a project and letting you know their contact information is CORRECT.
• You CANNOT mention Global Domains International or link to ANY of our WebSites (domains) from within any email to a prospect who doesn't know you
personally. Please review our spam policy.
• You MUST provide a method for a person to remove their email address from your mailing list if they want to.
• You MUST let your prospects know that the email you are sending is a commercial email and provide a valid mailing address for your business or home office.

We recommend using only SURVEYED leads. You should already have the lead's first and last name, email address, phone number, mailing address, the IP address for their computer, and the date and time stamp for their request for information.

Remember that any emails you send to prospects not purchased through GDI are your responsibility, and you must accept the associated risks. When you are offering a free DVD (not blatantly promoting a business) in your initial message and using quality leads, you should not have many problems.

The key is TO NOT SELL. You are simply offering a DVD about making money online.

When someone replies and lets you know they want a DVD, and that their mailing address and contact information are correct, it's up to you to login to your GDI member's area and order a single DVD to be sent directly to them. Or, you can send that person a disk out of your own DVD inventory that you have on hand. When mailing out your own DVDs, be sure to write or type your own username (access code) on the DVD and the sleeve it's packaged in.

Here is a sample email to a prospect named "John Doe":
Hello John,

Because you have shown an interest in receiving information about online business opportunities, I'd like to mail you a free 45-minute DVD that my company has produced. It fully explains an exciting new way to profit from one of the Internet's largest and most untapped industries.

I hope you are still interested in receiving this kind of information. Since these DVD's cost me money to send, I will not mail the DVD until I hear back from you so you can confirm that the mailing address I have on record for you is correct.

Please review your information below:

John Doe
123 Anystreet Way
Some City, NY 00000

If this is correct and YOU DO want me to rush you this exciting DVD as soon as possible, just reply to this email and let me know. If you would rather have me send the DVD to a different address, make sure to include that information in your reply.

I strive on using responsible marketing practices, so if you are no longer interested, then please help me keep my mailing list clean by removing yourself from it. Simply reply with your removal request and I'll promptly take care of it for you.

Or, mail your request to my office at 123 MyStreet, Sometown, CA 80808

Thanks John! I look forward to hearing back from you.

[Your Name Here]
If you are not comfortable with sending personalized mails to your prospects, or you do not have the capability to do so, you can create a web page with similar content and advertise that, or even run a print classified ad offering the DVD.

The purpose of this explanation is to give you ideas, and to let you know that there are various ways that you can drive sales, and find new prospects to send DVDs to. It's limited only by your imagination, and you don't have to employ face-to-face marketing techniques in order to grow your business.

Please make sure you are being responsible with your marketing. DON'T SPAM and do not make any false claims or promises of income.

You now have all the instructions you'll need to build a stable, life-long income, with unlimited potential for growth. Remember to stay in touch with your upline members, especially your direct GDI sponsor, and of course, do not hesitate to contact GDI Support with any other questions you might have about the amazing GDI income opportunity and services package.

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