Success Book Review: How To Get On In The World
By: Donovan Baldwin

successOften, when I read old books on subjects that interest me, I find that, although I enjoy them, many people in our modern world, including me, would find them out of touch with our modern attitudes and way of life.

Jack Canfield Success PrinciplesTherefore, I have been pleasantly surprised by this compact, but, insightful, work by Major A. R. Calhoun on the subject of success.

Unfortunately, I have been unable to find any real biographical data about Major Calhoun, but, if I uncover any, I will try to remember to add it to this article.

"How To Get On In The World". or, "A Ladder To Practical Success", was originally copyrighted by the Christian Herald, in 1895, but, is now in the public domain.

Using a great many examples from the lives of great men, quotes from the bible and historical figures, and insight apparently from his own life, Major Calhoun gives down-to-earth advice to the young man of his day, on how to be, not only a success, but, an honest and honorable man.

In fact, if there is one "theme" that permeates this success book, it is of honor, honesty, and honorable behavior. It is also the sort of book that is so full of valuable insight and example, that the reader can open to any page and, within a few words find something of interest and of value.

Major Calhoun is also very convinced, and, makes great efforts to convince his readers, the young men of the late 19th, and early 20th, centuries that "good character" is one of the paramount attibutes of the successful man.

You can see the direction of Major Calhoun's thoughts as set forth in his success book, simply by taking a quick look at chapter headings of the 25 chapters.
  1. What is Success?
  2. The Importance of Character
  3. Home Influences
  4. Association
  5. Courage and Determined Effort
  6. The Importance of Correct Habits
  7. As to Marriage
  8. Education as Distinguished from Learning
  9. The Value of Experience
  10. Selecting a Calling
  11. We Must Help Ourselves
  12. Successful Farming
  13. As to Public Life
  14. The Need of Constant Effort
  15. Some of Labor's Compensations
  16. Patience and Perseverance
  17. Success but Seldom Accidental
  18. Cultivate Observation and Judgment
  19. Singleness of Purpose
  20. Business and Brains
  21. Put Money in Thy Purse Honestly
  22. A Sound Mind in a Sound Body
  23. Labor Creates the Only True Nobility
  24. The Successful Man is Self-Made
  25. Unselfishness and Helpfulness
Although the manner of writing may be that of over a century ago, and, the examples used may have more to do with the horse and buggy, than a modern automobile, and definitly NOT a computer, In his success book, Major Calhoun offers realistic advice for success in any era.

I definitely recommend this book on success to anyone who wants guidance on how to conduct their lives...not only in order to achieve success, but, to leave behind a legacy far more valuable than gold or jewels. In the words of Major Calhoun himself,

"Who would not surrender wealth and ease and luxury, if in exchange for them he could leave such a name as Columbus, George Washington, Lincoln, John Brown, Livingstone or Howard? Posthumous glory counts for something in the reckoning. And this is often attained by self-sacrifice. Revile the world as we may, it does not forget the men who have done it service."

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