When money gets tight, many people start looking for a part time job. With help from an expert in Power Couponing, saving money at the grocery store can be just as effective.

Saving Money At The Grocery Store As A Part Time Job
By Donovan Baldwin

Two questions before I begin:
1. Are you thinking you might need a part time job?

2. Have thought, that if you didn't have to eat, you would have a lot more money?
I would like to tell you a personal story:

Don't get a part time job. Save money instead with Power CouponingYears ago, in my first marriage, while I was in the U.S. Army and stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, my wife took an evening job to bring in some extra money.

We had a lot of bills and expenses at that time, and money was really tight, so tight in fact, that even her extra income didn't help much.

However, because it fit into my schedule better than into hers, and, because she hated to do it, I took over grocery shoppingm, and planning and preparing meals.

She handed me a beat up little envelope with a few coupons, saying that she never really used them much, and I could throw them away if I wanted to.

Well, trained accountant that I am, as I flipped through those grocery coupons, I immediately realized that they were actually money. In fact, looking at it that way, that beat up little envelope of grocery coupons contained several dollars.

Leaving out the learning curve, I will cut to the chase:

A few weeks later, I went to the commissary at Fort Hood and purchased $120 of groceries.

That gives you an idea of how long ago it was, even at commissary prices, right?

Anyway, I handed the cashier a handful of coupons and she started putting them in.

Again, to make a long story short, I actually paid a little over $20 in cash for those $120 worth of groceries.

That's a savings of a little over 80%.

How would YOUR finances be if YOU could knock 80$ off YOUR grocery bill each week?

Well, with a little bit of instruction in using coupons effectively, and, a little effort on your part, you can do just that.

You might not ever pay $30.23 for $657.56 of groceries, like Janet Wright, the queen of Power Couponing, did, but, can you imagine if you could just save a few hundred dollars a month?

Janet Wright not only is an expert on Power Couponing, but, she has also put her knowledge into a simple ebook that can teach anyone how to save money weekly with grocery coupons.

When a business wants to make the bottom line, i.e. profits, better, they certainly look at increasing income (getting a part time job), but, they also look at reducing expenses (saving money at the grocery store). Both can result in increased profits.

For the average family, knocking 50% off the grocery bill can result in hundreds of dollars being freed up for....well...whatever you need it for!

Once you learn the secrets of Power Couponing, you might be amazed at how you can do more than just save money:

You can purchase large quantities of groceries and other items to donate to charity...at minimal cost to you.

You can claim charitable donations like this on your tax return.

You can get prizes and awards as a result of your couponing activity.

You can get cash off purchases of items that normally don't even have coupons.

You can get cash rebates for purchasing certain items.

You can teach others how to save at the grocery store, just like you do.


Not as strange a question as you might imagine.

Once you really learn the ins and outs of power couponing, you will begin to see how you can use your knowledge to get items at discount for almost any interest. You also learn how you can save money by buying in bulk today, rather than piecemeal over the coming months...and...if you are a prepper, you can get your supplies in for much less than you would have to pay without the grocery store tricks and secrets you learn fomr Janet Wright in her book on power couponing.

So, if you have been thinking you might need a second job, why not just start saving money at the grocery store as a second job. Give power couponing a chance!

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Saving Money At The Grocery Store As A Part Time Job
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