A Review of "The Super Affiliate Handbook" by Rosalind Gardner

Have you been wanting to learn how to make money with affiliate programs?

One of the most tempting things to someone new to trying to make money online is to slap a few banners on a website and sit back and watch the money roll in.

After all, that's the way they all make it sound, right?

The Truth About Affiliate Marketing

Well, the truth is that, while affiliate programs can be good ways to make money online, it's not always as simple as they make it sound. Most people never make any money, a few make a little bit of money, and a very few make a lot.

However, a woman named Rosalind Gardner has cracked the affiliate marketing code and has become one of those who make a lot of money online with affiliate programs.

The Path of Rosalind Gardner to Success

Rosalind started out like you and me, trying to make money online with various affiliate programs and was not very successful at first.  Over time, however, rather than giving up like so many do, she learned as much as she could about affilite marketing and got to where she was making almost a half-a-million dollars a year.

That's right, super affiliate marketer Rosalind Gardner makes a little over $1,000 a day.

Over the years, she has amassed a huge store of affiliate marketing techniques and tips which helps her create this sort of income for herself.  Being a shrewd Internet marketing success herself, she realized that the knowledge she had acquired on the subject was a product itself!

The Super Affiliate Handbook

That's when she created, and began marketing, using the skills and techniques she had learned, the "Super Affiliate Handbook".

It was an instant success.

In the "Super Affiliate Handbook", Rosalind Gardner covered the entire range of affiliate marketing in a clear and concise manner, presenting facts in an easy to comprhend, and easy to follow manner.  The newest beginner or an accomplished veteran will be able to begin marketing affiliate programs successfully or increase the profits from the ones they are already involved with.

She's been there herself, so she knows what to tell people when it comes to such subjects as PPC, email and list building, to name a few. She also knows what you should NOT be doing in your affiliate marketing efforts, having made many of the same mistakes herself, and she guides you towards the pathway to success.

She describes in detail not only what YOU should be doing, but what she has done...what worked, what didn't work, and why.

She also provides down-to-earth affiliate marketing techniques that anyone can use to be successful selling with almost any online affiliate program.

The title of the Internet marketing book by Rosalind Gardner is the "Super Affiliate Handbook", but that does not mean that you have to be a "super" affiliate marketer to benefit from it.  What it does mean is that one of the most successful affiliate marketers on the Internet is going to share some of the most valuable information you can have access to if you also want to become a super affiliate marketer.

Rosalind Gardner does not just show you how to sell a few ebooks for a few extra bucks.  She uses her experience selling things that cost thousands of dollars and getting commissions of several hundred dollars to show YOU how to do the same yourself.

Now, no one can ever guarantee how much you will make from any business opportunity, whether you decide to sell online using affiliate programs or whether you buy a McDonald's franchise.  However, in either case, you would want to have the best professional guidance you could get, and this lady is just the person you have been looking for if you think you want to try to make money online with affiliate programs.

If you try to use the bull-in-the-china-shop approach like most of us did when we started out, you can expect to waste hours of precious time and lots of money learning WHAT NOT TO DO.  With Rosalind Gardner's complete book on affiliate marketing, however, you get 220+ information-packed pages of practical tips and real-life examples of WORKING affiliate sites (Note: Many Affiliate Managers recommend the Super Affiliate Handbook to their affiliates. In fact, Anik Singal makes it required reading for his staff.)

...And what does it cost?  For the moment, Rosalind is selling an instantly downloadable copy of her book, with all the support you need, for less than $50. If that's not a deal, I don't know what is!

Click here to learn more about Rosalind Gardner's book, the "Super Affiliate Handbook".
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