Book Review: Making Money with Classified Ads

Over half a century ago, Melvin Powers began a multi-million dollar career with one small, simple, classified ad. Since then, he has run thousands upon thousands of small, simple, classified ads.

You Can Make Lots of Money with Classified Ads

Melvin Powers got rich with small classified ads, and he will teach you how he did it, and how YOU can do it, in his seminal book, Making Money with Classified Ads.

Does this information sound incredible?

Maybe, but, over half a century ago, Melvin Powers began a multi-million dollar career with one small, simple, classified ad. Since then, he has run thousands upon thousands of small, simple, classified ads.

Did I mention that he became a millionaire several times over with this simple process?

Not everything he tried was always successful, but, he made note of what DIDN'T WORK, as well as what did over that half-century plus that he was raking in the money. One thing he did learn was that, when you know what works, making money with small classified ads is simple.

His techniques for making money posting small classified ads has been proven over and over again.

Now, there ARE a lot of get-rich-quick schemes out there, but, this is not one of them.

Truth is, that even if you do it perfectly right, you will probably eventually become a millionaire...but, it won't be overnight.

It's Your Turn for Success from Posting Small Classified Ads

It's not JUST about posting the ads, either, it's about having the proper mindset and applying several different techniques, sometimes involving multiple, yet simple, steps.

Using the same techniques he demonstrates in his book, Making Money with Classified Ads, Melvin Powers who has been a successful entrepreneur, publisher, author, and instructor, has made a fortune....several times over!

Not only has he become successful, he has turned student after student into successful entrepreneurs as well....and, his next success story could be yours!

Create a Beautiful New Life of Wealth, Self Esteem, Power, and Respect

If you choose to take the proven, powerful, and successful techniques that Melvin Powers used to make his fortune, you will almost certainly succeed in creating a new life for yourself and your family. You will never again have to worry about the boss, the time clock, a recession, or downsizing.

You will never again have to look for a job.

You wil not only have control of when, where, and how you work, but, ultimately, you will have control of how much money you make when you use the techniques taught in Making Money with Classified Ads. You will control your life from this point on and will always feel good about who you are and what you have accomplished.

A Few of the Lessons From the Book

In Making Money with Classified Ads, Melvin Powers will show you:
  • Actual classified ads which have been used, and which can be used again, to build large, multi-level businesses...and how YOU can use them to build whatever business YOU want to build.

  • Where professional marketers find products and how to pick products that will actually produce income.

  • How to prepare your own advertising copy that will pull in the customers, and the money, and how to stay on top of the competition.

  • How to get started if you don't really have a lot of money, or time, to invest in a new business.

  • How, when, and where to advertise for success, and, when and where NOT to advertise.

  • How to get people to actually respond to your ads, AND, how to get them to BUY your product.

  • How to test the effectiveness of full page ads before you actually run them.

  • How to leverage your initial profits into an impressive income that will insure financial security.
To tell the truth, in Making Money with Classified Ads, author and entrepreneur Melvin Powers does NOT reveal any real SECRETS. What he DOES DO is lay out, in detail, the logical steps to take so that you can follow in his footsteps, using the advertising and marketing techniques he learned "hands on".

The Chapters of Making Money with Classified Ads
  1. Getting Started with Classified Ads

  2. Everyone Loves to READ Classified Ads

  3. How to Find a Money-Making Product

  4. Write Classified Ads That Make Money

  5. What I've Learned from Running Thousands of Classified Ads Month After Month Year After Year

  6. Classified Ads Can Help You Make Big Money in Multi-Level Programs

  7. Two-Step Classified Ads Made Me a Multi-Millionaire and They Can Do the Same for You

  8. One-Inch Display Ads Can Work Wonders for You

  9. Full-Page Display Ads Can Make You a Fortune Overnight

  10. Although I Live in California, I Buy My Grapefruit From Florida

  11. Nuts and Bolts of Mail Order Success

  12. What If You Can't Get Your Mail Order Business Running Sucessfully? What's Wrong and How to Correct It.

  13. The Melvin Powers Strategy for Mail Order Success
Although Making Money with Classified Ads was orginally written for the mail order entrepreneur, almost every technique and tip is relevant and works in the world of Internet Marketing.

Book Review: Making Money With Classified Ads by Melvin Powers
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