Make a good income with a simple type at home job. Interested in type at home data entry positions? You can make money typing at home with a work from home data entry job.

Make a good income with a simple type at home job. Interested in type at home data entry positions? You can make money typing at home with a work from home data entry job.

Many people make money typing at home. They particpate in type at home or data entry at home work from home jobs. You too can get paid to type at home.

For moreinformation about how to become a website processing specialist please click on the link title below:
$84,000 A Year Work At Home Job? Looks Like We Found One. You Can Make Money with a Work From Home Data Entry Job

It can be tough to find a legitimate work at home data entry job with all the data entry job scams out there.

That's why I think it is important to send you the article I just finished reading about a work at home program that is absolutely legitimate and guaranteed to get you working with Fortune 500 companies, working as much or as little as you like.

In stark contrast to the many work at home scams being advertised on the Internet, it appears that Personal Computer Training Institute provides an excellent online training course that will give you the skills you need to excellent income right from home.

Graduates of the Personal Computer Training Institute (PCTI) are reporting earnings in the range of $50,000 - $125,000 a year, with many of them only working part time.

Evidently, Personal Computer Training Institute has an "A" rating with the Better Business Bureau and has even been rated the #1 work at home program by the Consumer Advocacy Group of America!

Below is an interesting article written by Consumer Reporter Alisha Mitchell, which I recently uncovered:

$84,000 A Year Work At Home Job? Looks Like We Found One.

In all my years as a consumer reporter, I have very rarely found a so called "work at home" job that lived up to its promises. The prospect of making a great living doing something as simple as stuffing envelopes or assembling craft items has always been held out as the answer to the prayers of the stay at home mom, the elderly or the disabled. Of course, after the money is paid and the promised information arrives (if it arrives at all), you are left with the double disappointment of realizing that the job you had hoped for never really existed and also that you have just been scammed out of money you could not afford to lose.

Unfortunately, the internet boom over the last few years has only multiplied the number of offers to "work at home", most of which are worthless.

Avoid the Work at Home Scam

The first thing you need to know to avoid a work at home scam is that if the work you are being asked to do requires neither your ability to go out and sell a product nor any special skill, it is undoubtedly bogus. Otherwise, wouldn't everyone be doing it?

That being said, the internet has also created some unique opportunities, which brings me to the subject of this article, a legitimate opportunity we have discovered that allows ordinary people to earn a substantial income at home without investing their own money or having to "sell" anything.

The Website Processing Specialist

The opportunity is an actual position which the internet has brought into being: website processing specialist. This is a job that does require a certain amount of skill (which is why everybody isn't already doing it) and which is in great demand by hundreds of very well known corporations.

What kinds of companies are hiring website processing specialists?

You might be surprised to learn that the list is quite impressive. Maybe you've heard of American Express, Walmart, Bank Of America, Ebay, Amazon, Target and many others.

These website processing specialist jobs are not being overtly advertised right now, partly because the companies doing the hiring feel it might tarnish their image if the public knew they are hiring just everyday folks to do their promotion work right from home.

The job of a website processing specialist involves typing short, simple articles on special websites. Having carefully scrutinized this opportunity, I have concluded that anybody with normal intelligence can do this job. The articles themselves are easy to assemble, comprised of material available on the web, and do not require any special writing skills.

Get the Training to Become a Website Processing Specialist

As you might expect, one school has seen the opportunity here and is offering a short online course that teaches the skills necessary to become a successful website processing specialist. The school is called Personal Computer Training Institute, and they have been in business for 15 years.  After turning out a large number of students over the years, they have a stellar rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Personal Computer Training Institute has ingeniously put all the information anyone needs to learn how to be a website processing specialist into a few hours of downloadable video. The course actually guides you through the process of registering to work with a number of Fortune 500 companies, so that by the time you are through with the course, you are not only trained but actually up and working.
You have the option of working for as many companies as you like at the same time, which is a great way to maximize your income.

Again, you are not being sold an imaginary bill of goods here, you are being taught marketable skills and guided through the process of registering to work. Obviously, Personal Computer Training Institute charges a fee for their course (currently $499, but they do offer a special program from time to time which can reduce the fee to as low as $249).

But the most important test of this "work at home" program is can an ordinary person use it to create a nice full or part time income?

We Tested This Type at Home Program Ourselves

To put the program to the test, we bought the course for my 23 year old intern Emily (a student) as well as my 77 year old mom (a senior), since they represent two groups who are routinely scammed by work at home offers.

Both Emily and my mom found the course easy to follow, and both completed the training in a few hours over a couple of days. Both began working right away.

We were certainly astounded at the results when we took stock of their incomes one month later: Emily, my 23 year old intern, who invested approximately 26 hours in the program over the course of a month, received checks totaling $6,726. But the real surprise was my 77 year old mom, who received checks totaling $8,125 for just 24 hours of work during her first month with the program. Both outcomes were incredibly encouraging, especially when you consider that they had each invested only $249 in the course.

So there you have it. It's good to know there are some honest folks in the "work at home" business. However, with the speed with which the internet changes, we would encourage anyone interested in becoming a website processing specialist to contact Personal Computer Training Institute as soon as possible. Experience dictates that deals as good as this usually don't stay around very long.

Anyway, that's the end of the article. I'm going to sign up myself, and this page has links to their website so you can get more information and fiind out if there are still openings in your area:

By the way, from what I understand, they are offering the 50% off special today, so you really should check it out right away!

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