How to Start a No Investment Internet Business
By Donovan Baldwin

Okay, this is just another way of saying "free" Internet business, but, I felt like it would feel a bit better for some people if I went with "no investment Internet business" instead.

How to Start a No Investment Internet BusinessAnyway, why would you want a free, or no investment, Internet business anyway?

Wouldn't it just be some "get rich quick" scam or totally impossible "pie in the sky" sort of thing?

Not necessarily.

Ever hear of Melvin Powers?

Back in the heyday of mail order, Melvin Powers made a ton of money, and, became a marketing legend, by offering free stuff. Once the people got to know him, and his products, they would actually buy real merchandise from him.

By now you are wondering what can YOU offer for free that will lead to sales later?

More likely, you skipped immediately from "What's in it for me?", to "What's in it for him?"

Valid questions, and I will try to address the following:
1. What kind of no investment Internet business leads to future sales...and, other rewards?
2. What's in it for both of us?
First, you have to understand that everybody on the Internet is looking for something, and, a huge number are looking for one thing in to make money online.

A huge number of those people have little or no money to invest, and, have little or no experience selling things online....which usually requires money.

What if you could provide, for free, a no investment Internet business which is easy to learn and operate...AND...which provides one of the major sevices that newbies and professionals alike need and use?

Better yet, what if the natural, organic, process of using these free services led people to a point where they actually spent got a commission?

Still better; what if, while using the free services you have introduced them to, people actually help to promote YOUR business...which is providing a free service, and no investment Internet business, to more people who will also help you earn commissions and promote your business to even more people?

I don't know if you have ever heard of free manual traffic exchanges, but, if you haven't, let me tell you that they are most people use them.

However, when used properly, they become that no investment Internet business I keep yakking about.

Now, it's not really complicated, but, all the instructions for making money online with this technique are a bit detailed, although easy to follow.

In fact, a guy named Scott Douglas, sort of a modern day Melvin Powers, worked it all out a few years ago, and has been making money online with his method for years. He gives the information away for free because, as I pointed out above, that creates more customers for him...both those who buy stuff that he gets a commission for, and those who, in the process of starting and promoting THEIR OWN no investment Internet business, also help promote HIS!

How this works takes a lot more information than I can put in a short article, or web page. In fact, Scott Douglas, offers it all in a free report and training course that should answer all your questions. If you DO still have questions after reading the report, Scott is really good with one-to-one customer service.

The best part of all of this is that it is easy and free to start your own no investment Internet business...OR NOT!

You don't even have to worry about getting a refund, since the training....heck, the entire business...costs absolutely nothing.

It's called TEProfits. Just click the link to the left, or the banner in the upper right hand corner of this page and get your own no investement Internet cost, no obligation, nada, zip, infinity and beyond!

How to Start a No Investment Internet Business
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