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Hong Kong Sights to See - Shopping on Nathan Road

Along the main thoroughfare in Kowloon stretches Hong Kong's must-see shopping lane - Nathan Road. Bounded by Boundary Street in the north and Salisbury Road to the south, this hundred fifty year-old section is framed above by neon lights in true Hong Kong style.

Named after the former British governor, Sir Matthew Nathan, in 1909, the area was the northern limit of the colony prior to the signing of the 100-year New Territories lease in 1898. Even before being returned to the administration of the PRC government, there remained few reminders of the colonial past. The hustle of a typical Hong Kong market had long before replaced any stately British influence.

Today, Nathan Road is one of Hong Kong's busiest commercial areas. At the lower end is the Golden Mile section, a name no longer much in use. Here are found many shops topped by neon signs prominent in so many photos of the district.

Naturally, the bartering is intense and tourists should be cautious not to get a deal that turns out to be slightly less than was explained. But bargaining with the native shopkeepers is all part of the fun of shopping in Hong Kong.

Buyer Beware!

However, if you just want to shop at a well known and established Hong Kong department store, you will probably want to wander over to 345 Nathan road and visit Wing On Plus. Visitors say that the selection is broad and the prices are low. Somewhat like an American WalMart, Wing On Plus department store on Nathan Road in Hong Kong should be on your "shopping" list.

Established in 1959, Yue Hwa Chinese Products Emporium Ltd, is another place to find a wide range of general merchandise and Asian specialties. You can find it at 301-309 Nathan Road.

Crowded with visitors, you'll find a huge variety of goods for sale at these local department stores. Some of the cheapest cameras, camcorders, and watches anywhere in Asia line the shelves. But sometimes cheap means inexpensive and other times it simply means,

Beside consumer electronics stores and jade merchants are boutiques, perfume shops, restaurants, and street vendors of every shape and color. If you just have to buy a pair of shoes at midnight, Nathan Road is your destination. If you want that hand bag that is available nowhere else at a price you can't believe, this is the spot.

Jade, of course, is a staple of the area. The Jade Market is up Nathan Road to Kansu Street in the Yau Ma Tei area. There are ornaments, jewelry, and even raw jade for sale.

Take a break from the frenetic shopping experience and visit nearby Kowloon Park. Take in the minarets outside the Jamia Masjid India Mosque, a local Chinese Muslim gathering place. Have some lunch at one of the many tiny shops selling beef noodles. Or, if you prefer, try one of the Nepalese or Pakistani restaurants that dot the streets.

Even if it's only for the pleasure of people watching and delighting in the dancing lights on the harbor at night, Nathan Road is an excellent attraction to add to your Hong Kong vacation.

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Hong Kong - Nathan Road
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