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My name is Donovan Baldwin, but please call me "Don"..

I am a 67 year old exercise and fitness buff, poet, occasional freelance writer....and I love to travel.

Blame it on the Army , I guess. I am retired with 21 years of military service, but I am still infected with a bug they gave me. You see, they took this provincial kid from, what was then a small town in Florida, to Europe for a total of six years, taught me to speak German and Polish at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California, and gave me the opportunity to travel widely while in their employ.

Hey! It was almost like being paid to travel!

Then, I had several other jobs which required me to travel as well, and I eventually even gave truck driving a fling.  That was fun!

However, one day I realized that I wasn't getting any younger.  I had held a lot of jobs, had a lot of experience, and even had a degree in accounting....which hadn't used in nearly 20 years!  It was harder to get good jobs...and harder to do some of them.

Fortunately, I had been building an online business, and, about the time that "working" really became a chore, and a poorly rewarding one at that, I began to make money online.  

It has not been a straight line upwards, but I have been able to support myself pretty much from the Internet, with the occasional help of a simple part time job here and there. I have also been able to travel, and, even when I cannot get to a place, I love reading and writing about places from around the world.  Some I have been to, some I have not, but most I hope to go to someday.

I also have been writing articles on many subjects, and often use articles to help promote my various online businesses. It's the best of both worlds for me. I don't have to worry about a job, and, since I love travel, health and fitness, writing, and making money, that's what I do.

I write, I exercise, I travel and I make money.

Now, not everyone can do what I do, because I have put together my own little fun thing that works for me.  You will have to find your own way. However, on the pages of this site, I will be putting links to sites that offer online moneymaking opportunities.  I can not guarantee or promise that YOU will make money with these online businesses, but there are people who are doing just that.

They are people who also love to travel and have found a way to make a living with their own travel business.

With that having been said...

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