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Hot Opportunity - Beef Jerky Business
By Donovan Baldwin

Beef jerky is more than just a snack for hunters, fishermen, and campers.

Today, it's popular with everybody from fashion models and professional wrestlers, to the parish priest and a good number of his parishioners. You cannot go into a store, and not just food stores, without noticing that jerky manufacturers are fighting tooth and nail for shelf space and the packages are offering more and more options.

And, the fact is that not all beef jerky is created equal.

Hot Opportunity - Beef Jerky Business

In the middle of all this, there are a few companies offering a home business opportunity selling their meat jerky products.

Of course, as with any business opportunity, you will want to consider a few facts before you sign up to distribute their products.

You will probably want to know how long this company has been in business, and how good is their reputation.

If you are going to represent this company, you will want it to have a good reputation, and, perhaps that is even more important than how long they have been in business.

It is a good idea to take a look, if you can, at testimonials from customers and distributors alike before signing up to sell beef jerky and other products for them.

You don't want to get stuck selling a small line of products, as one of the things you will notice about jerky these days is that there are several different options to choose from.

There is not just beef jerky, but turkey jerky, buffalo jerky, or bison jerky, organic jerky, pepper jerky, barbeque jerky, and that's just a few of the flavors of jerky you will find. It's best to sign up with a company that has a diversified jerky product line.

In today's health conscious world, it's not enough that beef jerky, and other jerky products, offer a high protein, low fat snack option to athletes and dieters. People want their jerky natural, made without additives and fillers.

In the U.S. market, another important selling factor is where the jerky is made. Many people are getting tired of having to buy product made overseas, so, if you ARE in the U.S., you might want to partner with a beef jerky business which can offer American made jerky.

Many propective customers will want to know if they can buy bulk jerky, buy jerky by the case, buy jerky at wholesale price, or use your jerky products for fundraising projects. They will also be concerned about facts such as shipping times and costs, and, in some cases, whether or not an "autoship" option is available.

Since jerky is not a big ticket item, you will either have to sell a lot of beef jerky yourself, or, sign up with an MLM (multilevel marketing) jerky company. Signing up with an MLM allows you to build a large sales force where no one distributor has to sell a ton of jerky themselves, and YOU get commissions for the beef jerky, and other jerky products, they sell.

Some things to consider about becoming part of a multilevel marketing company:
  • You can build not only a career but own your own business
  • You can earn the money you need to achieve specific short-term goals
  • You can improve your quality of life
  • You can create additional family income
  • You can buy jerky that you, your family, and your friends like at wholesale prices.
  • You can recommend product that YOU like to others...instead of having to SELL stuff.
  • You can get personal recognition and experience a sense of achievement.
Last, but not least...or maybe first, before anything else, try the product yourself. With some companies, such as, you may become a distributor just by ordering some product. After all, a bag or two of jerky is not THAT expensive, and, if you like it, then you will be happy to make money just for letting others know about a delicious, nutritious, high quality beef jerky product.

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Hot Opportunity - Beef Jerky Business.
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