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It seems so easy!

After all, it made so much sense to you when you heard of it. You signed up right away, so you figured you would have no problem generating leads for the MLM business you joined. In fact, you thought that so many friends, neighbors, and family would jump on it that your new MLM business would grow exponentially...and you, and they, would all get rich!

Unfortunately, it doesn't usually work that way. You have to get total strangers interested in your MLM opportunity. That's hard enough, but even getting those strangers to even listen to what you have to say is even harder.

Most of us really don't want to approach total strangers and try to pitch some money-making opportunity to them. That's when it would help to be some sort of magnetic sponsor....someone who just attracted individuals interested in making money.

Well, it all starts with generating leads...people who ARE interested and who want to talk to someone about it.

Sadly, most of us lack the skill, and our upline lacks the training to teach us. After striking out, most of us either quit or resort to buying leads...most of which are cold and overworked by the time you get them.

It would be great if you could be a magnetic sponsor, wouldn't it? If there was someway you could regularly come in contact with folks interested in joining a viable MLM business, it would be so much easier to build a downline, wouldn't it?

Well, maybe you can stop paying for leads today...or wishing fish would jump into the boat!

Whether you are into mlm, network marketing, Internet marketing, or just have a home business...or even a store front, there is a way to generate free leads for any business.

A young guy in Florida, Mike Dillard, has created a perfect system for accomplishing your needs, and if you learn more about how to become a magnetic sponsor you can be one of the most successful business owners in your field.

Don't hesitate. If you are serious about being successful in mlm or some other home business or want to promote your online business or brick and mortar business, you owe it to yourself to take the free prospecting and recruiting course.

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