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Parent and Child. - A parent is legally as well as morally bound to support his children who are incapable to care for themselves. Should a wife be divorced from her husband his duty to maintain the children would not fall on her, unless she also had the custody of them. A father's obligation to maintain his child continues until he is able to provide for himself. The legal obligation ceases by common law as soon as a child attains majority, however helpless he may be or great may be his father's wealth.

A child that has property of his own, while his father's means are not enough, may be supported from his own means. Even the principal may be used in this manner. Generally if the father has ample means, he must use them to educate his child. When the father can use the child's fortune and how much, is sometimes a difficult question to answer. The education of a child is now largely regulated by statute.

A parent may protect his child, even a homicide is justifiable. A parent can also correct his child. Says an excellent authority: "The rights of parents result from their duties. As they are bound to maintain and educate their children, the law has given them such authority, and, in support of that authority, a right to the exercise of such discipline as may be requisite to the discharge of the sacred trust." See Adopted Child; Husband and Wife.


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