Why I Am a GDI Affiliate, and Have Been Since 2006.

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First of all, a little bit about me, why you might want to listen to what I say, and THEN I'll talk about GDI, also known as Global Domanins International, and me.

My name is Donovan Baldwin and I have been doing this for a few years.

Here is my story:

Back in 1998, I started selling Mason Shoes online with a dinky little website I hosted for free at a now-defunct site. I had absolutely NO IDEA what I was doing, and occasionally accidentally deleted my entire site while trying to improve it! But, I managed to stumble my way around and make a few bucks online.

Not much, but it opened a world of possibilities to me.

However, I wanted to make a slightly more consistent income than the few bucks a month I was making selling Mason shoes, so I tried a few "make money online" programs, but mainly only lost money. Again, partly due to ignorance, partly due to the fact the programs were often Internet marketing scams.

One day, Mason Shoes sent me a letter informing me, and several hundred other independent distributors, that our services were no longer needed. You see, Mason Shoes had realized that with a good Internet webpage, and its long respected brand name recognition, we were expendible.  So, we were tossed out like...well...an old pair of shoes!

About this time, I began to think about building my own Internet business.

I was getting deeper into the Internet marketing world, but still had not made a dime...but had spent a few...okay, a lot...and not just dimes, either!

I had now invested a few hundred dollars in learning about this Internet marketing stuff. However, I still really knew very little, and again, most of the stuff I had invested in turned out to be relatively worthless.

then, I had an insight.

I thought to myself: "I'm not making any money online, but a lot of other people are trying to, and not just all the people fooling around with make-believe Internet businesses. Both large and small corporations actually hire people to build and adminsiter their websites. I already have taught myself some basic HTML and have constructed a few of my own webpages (some of which I was still accidentally deleting due to ignorance). Maybe if I take a formal course and learn how to build webpages, I can get a job as a webpage designer. Maybe I can even start my own business and not have to work for anybody except under contract!"
As you can see, I already had the "be your own boss" bug, and had been infected with the "work at home" virus, and the "10 second commute" venom.

However, I was a cooperative and willing victim and signed up for a correspondence course on designing and building web pages.

I blew through the first few chapters as I already knew most of the stuff they were trying to teach me.

But, I did need to practice, and, to exercise my new-found skills, I built a few web pages to try out what I was being taught. One problem was that I didn't have any graphics to liven up the pages, so I signed up for a few affiliate programs and used the banners as graphics for my practice websites.

Now, long before the days of search engine optimization (SEO), or "content is king", I had a personal belief that, to be successful, a website had to be more than just a pretty face. It had be of value to the visitor, and any graphics used should normally be related to the subject matter.

I had always been interested in health, so I built a web page which concentrated on weight loss, hosting it on a site which provided free website hosting.  To pretty it up, I stuck on a banner for a well-known weight loss product, which was from an affiiate program I had joined, and then moved on to other projects.

Although I still enjoyed playing around with web pages and the Internet, I lost interest in my course and sort of let it drop.  As an aside, I will mention that a couple of months ago, I was diagnosed (at age 65) as having ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and that losing interest and moving on, which I had done with several things in my life, was one of the symptoms of ADHD.  Fortunately, my doctor has put me on a prescription for Aderall, and I have found a new focus, literally and figuratively, on life.

Anyway, back to my story.

One day a check for $27 arrived in the mail.

I did not recognize the company and, at first, could not figure out why some unknown company would be sending me money.

However, something in the company name rung a bell, and I went back over my "Favorites" and notes I had made in a journal I was keeping, until I lost interest, of course, and found the name of the company.  It was an affiliate manager site.  I logged into it, fortunately having kept my login details, and discovered that in the previous month, I had made a sale from the banner I had posted on my free weight loss site.

Not only that, the stats page showed that I had earned another $27 in the current month!

Not an auspicious start to my Internet marketing career, but it WAS an eye-opener.

You see, I had done only the most basic search engine submission, again, not knowing much about what I was doing, but even that had netted me $54!!

I went back to the Internet with renewed purpose, as they say, and began to teach myself the ins and outs of Internet Marketing. 

Gradually, my income from this affiliate program began to grow, and, in a couple of years, I was making about $500 a month from working online part time as an affiliate marketer.

I invested a couple of hundred dollars in an Internet marketing course.  I had no real idea if it was good or not, but it appeared to be the best one around.  Turns out it was very good, and I began to apply many of the principles I learned from it, and my income continued to grow.

The ADHD kept kicking in, and I would get bored and turn to other products and venues.  When I did concentrate and apply what I knew, I was successful to a greater or lesser degree, depending on the product, the commission, etc.  The way my mind bounced around, I was likely to kill myself promoting an interesting (to me) product which made me a couple of bucks per sale and sell one a day than to expend even a little effort on a product that paid $50 and which I could sell two of per day...simply because the second product did not interest me.

Even though I stumbled along in this haphazard manner, I was learning enough about Internet marketing to call myself a bit of an expert, could make money with a wide variety of products, and grew my income to over $100,000 a year.

I quit work.

Now, I was deep into Internet marketing and was making several thousand dollars a month, and spending a few hundred a month to do it.

I really became knowledgeable about search engine optimization (SEO).

One of the first and most important factors of setting up a new website and applying SEO was picking the domain name.  While a lot of factors are involved in the success or failure of an Internet business, having the right domain name can be of great weight and choosing the right domain name can be half the battle.

By now, it was early 2006.  I was building web sites right and left, but the availibility of good domain names was diminishing.  All the good .com's and .net's were taken, and .us and others were being gobbled up.  It was very hard to find a short, descriptive, eye-catching and easily remembered domain name.  My websites had longer and longer domain names, and it became an exercise in creativity to come up with a domain name which I liked and which filled my needs.

That's when I became aware of GDI, or Global Domains International. 

One of the biggest, most successful Internet marketers online, Kevin Anderson, turned me on to the GDI home business and explained how I could get the domain names I needed from them.  If you have been online for any length of time, you may remember Kevin as the founder of Cognigen, one of the largest and possibly the most successful free Internet business opportunity online.  Sadly, Kevin passed away over a year ago, and his wife formed or hired another company to run Cognigen, presently known as Commission River. 

Now, I did not much care WHY GDI could offer me .ws domain names for $10 a month, all I knew was that they had exactly what I needed.  Usually within seconds of accessing their site, I was able to sign up for a short, descriptive, relevant, and easily remembered domain name for whatever website I was putting up online.

So, in February 2006, I became a member of Global Domains International simply because I, an Internet marketing professional with a fairly large online footprint, was able to get the product I needed at what I considered a reasonable price.  After all, if you are making hundreds of dollars a month from a website, $10 a month is not all that much to pay, right?

Here is the stupid part.  Let's just call it "Don's big Duh"!

There I was back in 2006, putting up websites all over the Internet, making a lot of money but trying to make more, looking for new products to introduce.  Bouncing around in my normal ADHD manner, when the biggest and most successful company I had affiliated with decided to pull the plug. 

It was the Mason Shoe disaster of 2000 all over again!

Oh, I had money coming in from several different products and services, but nearly 60% of my income came from this one company!!

I started looking everywhere for a product or service to replace the one I had lost.

That's when it hit me.

Let's all say it together, "DUH!"

When I signed up for my first website at GDI, I became a GDI affiliate...for free!  It was part of the package!!  However, I had been reacting purely as a customer or client and had completely overlooked a product that I, and a few million other Internet marketers and website designers and developers worldwide could use.

I was already signed up.  I had websites in place.  I had the training, and, as the saying goes, I had the technology!

GDI had some great Internet marketing tools and affiliate websites, all I had to do was start applying what I had learned from years on the Internet and from several other sources and experiences, including that great Internet marketing course I mentioned earlier.

I had signed up as a GDI customer in February 2006.  I began my new life as a GDI affiliate in November 2006.

I began to grow my new GDI downline, and month by month the checks got bigger. 

It was exciting to be affiliated with Global Domains International because, even though they had been around for a while, it was almost like being in on the ground floor.  I am writing this in March 2010, and it still is.

The Internet is a huge place, and the number of new people, and businesses, coming online each year is simply huge!

In 2009, one source estimates (how ya gonna get 'em to stand still so you can count 'em) as 1,733,993,741.

Read it again!  I'll make it easier for you.  1.7 billion Internet users worldwide...and growing daily.

A good chunk of those people want, or will be wanting, websites.  Some want a business website.  Some want a personal website.  Some want several websites.  Some will get a website for a while, but most will hang on to it for several months and often even years.

Some do not care if their domain name means nothing to the rest of the Internet world, but many, especially those who learn a little bit about search engine optimization, will be looking for domain names that are no longer available as .com or .net.

By the way, just a little class on the side.

The .ws domain name simply is the domain name which is registered for the nation of Western Samoa. The founders of GDI saw a business opportunity and got the exclusive rights to sell that domain name to others.  This makes revenue for Western Samoa, revenue for the founders of GDI, and revenue for me and members of my downline....and several thousand others worldwide.  This is a pretty common sort of situation, Global Domanis International has turned it into a business.

Other countries sell domain names as well.  Ever see a commercial on TV with a website that ends with .tv?  That .tv does NOT stand for television.  It designates a website registered by the country of Tavalu, a small nation in the Pacific Ocean.

To some people, the GDI affiliate program does not seem like such a great deal at first.  This is because an affiliate only gets $1 a month for each domain name which is registered by his or her customers.  However, each customer becomes an affiliate as well, and can recoup some of their investment by offering .ws domain names to others, just like I do.

As will happen with any multi-level marketing program, some people will join and simply try to get others to sign up with a pitch that sounds something like this:  "If you sign up under me, I will make money and you will have the opportunity to make money also by having others sign up under you."

Except for the fact that there actually is a product/service involved, this is one step shy of a Ponzi scheme like the one Barney Madoff ran, only on a smaller scale.

Well, I don't mind someone else choosing to run their GDI business that way, because there actually is a product involved, and the customer is actually paying for that product, i.e. a website that they can do anything with.  Even people who are simply trying to recruit others to sign up for the GDI business opportunity will at least be selling websites, and, sooner or later, will sell some websites to people who actually are looking for a website and not just a way to make money online.

However, I prefer to pitch my GDI business to people like me...people who are actually in need of domain name registration, website hosting, website design, and a private email system, all in one cheap, monthly package at a very reasonable cost of $10 a month.  The people who sign up in hopes of making quick, easy money will fall by the wayside fairly rapidly.  The customer who gets the domain name he or she is looking for and who is developing an online business, or perhaps a personal website to post family events or photos, or to host a resume, or to place their thoughts and ideas in front of the world will keep and enjoy that website for many months and perhaps even years.

That's my target audience.

Of course, the opportunity to make money by referring a few other people doesn't hurt, either!

As I say, I decided to begin promoting the GDI affiliate program. I have been receiving monthly GDI commission checks since then. My downline members are worldwide, ranging from such far off places as Florida and New Jersey (just joking), to Bermuda, Australia, and Singapore, just to name a few.

I have been treated fairly and honestly by GDI since 2006, and have never seen anythng on their company websites that lies about the product or the program.  I do object to the fact that GDI offers a 7-day free trial period to new members.  While they will live up to their side of the bargain and cancel your site and not charge you if you notify them within seven days that they wish to do so.  However, even I, an experienced Internet marketer could probably not get such a plan into profit within seven day.  On the other hand, it does give someone a chance to find out for free if this is going to be something they can deal with.

If you would like to know more about GDI, please click here to visit my website.  If you have particular questions you would like to have answered about the Global Domains International .ws websites or business opportunity, please email me atdon@donovanbaldwin.ws.

French:     Gagnez le revenu pour le reste de votre vie

Spanish:   Ganela renta para el resto de su vida

Korean:    당신의 생활의 나머지를 위한 소득을 버십시오

Chinese:    赢 得的收入您的生活剩下的时间

Japanese:  あ なたの生命の残りのための収入を得なさい

Portugese:  Ganhe a renda para o restante de sua vida

German:    Erwerben Sie Einkommen für den Rest Ihres Lebens

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