This is How I Consistently Grow My GDI Home Business Downline
Like many people, I like to make money, but I also hate to work, so I finally got tired of promoting, promoting, promoting my Global Domains International business

Now, I have been in various MLM business since the mid-90's and have been marketing online since 2000. I have been with GDI since 2007 and have been receiving a monthly commission since then, but it was hard work. Even worse, I had to keep promoting constantly since I used so many different methods which just seemed "natural" to me. The problem was, that what seemed "natural" to me was practically impossible to teach to my downline members.

Of course, one by one, they would fall by the wayside and I would have to promote, promote, promote some more just to replace the dropouts.


Even when one of my downline managed to start a downline of their own,they often had no real way of teaching "their" downline, so my downline, although healthy on the first level due to my personal hard work, tended to fade pretty rapidly.

It was frustrating!

It was particularly frustrating because, although I wanted to make money for myself (natch!), I also wanted to help others build a GDI home business for themselves, and, even though I got commissions every month, they were not as big as they could have been, and most people I recruited hardly made any money online at all.

So, I started putting together a program that recruited "almost" automatically for me, and which my downline could easily apply to build their own downlines.

It costs a couple of bucks and does not build a huge downline overnight, but it IS essentially a "set and forget" plan for recruiting and building a functioning downline.  It is easily taught to YOUR downline. After all, all you have to do is copy this report, change any links to yours, and pass it on.

In fact, if you join any of the programs from one of my links:  GDI Home Business, GDI Coop, or EasyHits4u, or Traffic Hoopla, just email me your linking information at, and I will make a page just like this one with your links instead of it on my website for you.

Now, I am going to tell you what I do...and it works. I'm happy with it, but, it could potentially be modified a bit here or there according to your wishes.  However, as I say, the way I do it any changes are a bit of a risk.

First, of course, if you do not already have a GDI home business, sign up for one.  

Yes, I DO want you to sign up under me! I'm not THAT dumb! :)

However,if you already have signed up, no problem. In fact, if you have already signed up for all the programs mentioned in this report, great!  You can still use this system.

Let's go to the next step.

The next program to join is GDI Coop.

GDI Coop is a group advertising effort for recruiting and building a GDI downline. 

However, there is a catch. 

To get YOUR recruiting link shown in each next day's group rotation, you have to send 25 unique visitors today.

More on that later.

Again, a reminder, this is NOT an overnight get-rich-quick plan.  This is a slow and steady way to build your GDI downline over time.  You may go a week without a GDI Coop signup and suddenly get a few.  Some of these will go on to sign up for GDI under you, but some will not.

However, that's okay because you can still earn enough of a commission from GDI Coop so that, after a while, it will pay for itself.

You will be paying GDI Coop $3.50 a month for the privilege of being in the program...but...don't forget...


Now, you can get those visitors by surfing at several free traffic exchanges, and if you want to do that day-after-day, go for it. One problem is that some visitors from some free traffic exchanges DO NOT show up as "unique". Another is that even though you might have earned 25 "hits" from one traffic exchange today, they might not show up until tomorrow. Yet another is that many free traffic exchanges only give you a fraction of a credit for each site you visit, so you have to visit more than one to get a visitor to your site.

Here's another problem:  GDI Coop actually gives you two different links to promote. One of them (this one) is the one which will send the "unique" 25 visitors you need each day to stay in rotation.  

The other (this one) allows you to recruit directly to both your GDI Coop downline and your own GDI home business.  

Your first task is to get those 25 unique visitors to the first link every day.  After that, you want everybody to go to what GDI Coop calls the "affiliate" or "replicate" link.

Here's my solution...which brings me regular signups to two different programs:

I have joined  You can promote both links on their traffic exchange and get 1:1 page views.  That means that for each page you view, your page gets viewed once.  They also have a huge base of members and you can get any page you promote in front of an ever-changing group of thousands of people a day.  They have over half a million members around the world, with over 1,000 members on line at almost any time, and add hundreds of new members daily.

When you set up the main GDI Coop link at EasyHits4u, set your daily visitors for 50. They don't allow you to select fewer than that.  However, that's okay, because you are helping push the GDI Coop wheel, of which you are a part anyway.

Set up your GDI Coop Affiliate Link for as many hits a day as you want, and arrange to split all hits between the two.

You have two choices at this point.  You can manually surf each day to get all the hits you need, or you can buy credits.  Credits are pretty cheap.  You can get 1000 credits a month for $5.95, 2,500 credits for $13.95  You can assign them all to the main GDI Coop link.  At 50 visits per day, that means a purchase of 2,500 credits is good for 50 days, and the unique hits to GDI Coop will cost 27.9 cents a day.

Of course, you can always surf for some or all of the credits if you wish.

In addition to choosing to purchase my credits, I have upgraded to a premium membership, which costs me an additional $7.95 per month.  However, a premium membership at gives me an extra 500 credits a month, so I only need to buy 1000 to generate the unique visitors I need to GDI Coop.

If this is all you do, eventually, you will have a slowiy growing GDI coop downline and a GDI home business downline.

I hinted earlier that you may wish to make changes or enhance your promotion efforts.

While I have found that is the best traffic exchange for me when it comes to automatically getting the unique hits to GDI Coop each day, there are many other free traffic exchanges which are excellent for promoting the replicate page.  You can find a wide range of the best free traffic exchanges at, a website which reviews and tests free traffic exchanges weekly and then publishes its report here.  If you are going to use free traffic exchanges to promote anything, I recommend you join It's free to join.

This is the system which works for me...and has worked for me for some time. Use it, and you will probably achieve similar results, although I cannot guarantee that. As pointed out, except for the fee at GDI Coop, there is no need to pay a dime to eventually achieve success with it. I have chosen to pay for some of the services, but that is my choice.

Although I have scattered links to everything throughout this article, here are the links you will need:

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