How the GDI Co-op Downline Builder Works

You can use GDI Coop Downline Builder in two ways. If you already have a GDI home business, you can use the power of co-op advertising to build your downline.  On the other hand, if you have not joined GDI yet and have no idea how to promote a GDI home business if you had one, you can join GDI through the GDI Co-op and get not only a new business but a free and effective means of growing that business as well.
1.  If you do not have a GDI home business yet, you can join GDI under our team for Free with our 7 day trial offer.

Once you join GDI under our team, we will add your GDI username in our rotator for Free until you get 6 downline members, afterwards we will stop advertising your GDI username to start advertising your 6 referrals' usernames until they get their own 6th level downline, and so on... and we do this up to your 5th level.

Here's a sample of what this can mean in residual income:

Level 1 $6
Level 2  $36
Level 3  $216
Level 4  $1 296
Level 5  $7 776
Total $9 330/month

And it's always for FREE when you join through GDI Co-op!

An easy way, but it can take some time.
At any time you can build your downline faster if you follow the step 2

2.  If you have already joined GDI and want to build your downline faster, you can still become a GDI Co-op member.

The GDI Co-op downline builder is designed to help you to provide an effective method of duplication in your downline...and in theirs!

After all, the secret of all successful MLM (Multi Level Marketing) efforts is duplication. While someone who starts a GDI home business through a GDI Coop link gets the services of the GDI Coop for free, someone who already is a GDI business owner has to pay a monthly fee. To help you to do this, we keep the monthly fee as low as possible, $3.50/month.

Here is what you get for that $3.50/month:

• Access to your GDI Coop back office to manage all your GDI business.
• You get your own GDI downline rotator.
• 100 000 visitors / month for each 100 GDI Coop member
• Your own GDI Coop General Affiliate link where you will need to send only 25 unique clicks/day to to be part of the rotator. Or, you can use our Auto-Pilot system from your affiliate panel to get access to our coop rotator and share all our traffic.
• Your own replicated site where only you and your downline are advertised. (You can see mine here.)

Earn recurring commissions either way:


On top of your GDI business commissions you will get $0.50 on 5 levels for your GDI Co-op down line and also $1 monthly on 5 levels for your GDI Co-op sub-affiliates who subscribe to our Auto-Pilot service. This will incrase your income from two income streams!

1000s of people worldwide are earning quiet fortunes, from their homes even while they sleep.

Are you next?

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