Quickly Create a Global Domains International (.WS) Website
By Donovan Baldwin

Out of the interesting things about a GDI home business, perhaps the most interesting for the Internet marketing newbie is how easy it is to build your website yourself. All GDI home business accounts include the use of website creation software. This makes it easy for you to quickly and easily create a website without having to pay a website designer.

Of course, there are steps which have to be completed before creating any business website.

Another good point about the GDI home business opportunity is that all these steps are included in a single monthly fee of only $10.

I guess I have to admit that the first step of building a GDI home business website happens outside of anything Global Domains International can do for you. You have to pick a domain name that makes it easy for people to recognize, and remember, your website's Internet address.

Even here, however, there is a benefit to having your own GDI home business website.

Since so many of the best, and most effective, domain names are taken, you will be happy to learn that there are still a great many .ws website domain names still avaiable. In fact, this is one of the more attractive aspects of Global Domains International, and one that attracts new Internet business owners from all around the world.

Once you do select a domain name for whatever purpose, you not only get to use that domain name for business or personal reasons, but, you also automatically have a new GDI home business of your own. It takes only a few moments to fill out the short online form, and, almost immediately your domain name is registered...which is another step in the process of setting up a new Internet business.

With the domain name selected and registered, you will be given access to a "back office" where you can create your website, as well as get the tools you need to promote your GDI home business website. In fact, you will probably be amazed at how much support that the .ws website folks provide, and the wide range of marketing materials they provide for you....for FREE!

Among everything else provided there is SiteBuilder software which allows even the most rank novice the tools needed to create his or her own website. Once you get the hang of it, you will be surprised at how quick and easy the process is.

To help you even more, you will have a large number of attractive, professionally designed web page templates to choose from. You will also be given the opportunity to create several different pages, which will allow you to provide more information to your website visitors, and make your GDI home business website even more attractive to search engines and directories.

During the process of creating and designing your website, you will also be interested to find that there is a wide range of tools and techniques for navigating around your website and making look exactly the way you want it to.

The process of building your GDI home business website is easy, and, one of the best things about it is that you can go back again and again, adjusting and updating material or adding funtions, images, and other content, as you refine its appearance.

So, just to recap:

Being able to quickly design and create a GDI home business website is just part of the benefit of signing up with Global Domains International. Not only can you try the entire process out for free with GDI's 7-day free trial, but, for only $10 a month, you are able to register your domain name, host your website, design and build your own website, have a free email account, AND have a complete GDI home business.

Quickly Create a Global Domains International (.WS) Website
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