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As with so many other network marketing and Internet marketing programs, new GDI distributors make the common mistake of trying to "sell" either the GDI product or the GDI business opportunity. Even worse, many never even make more than a half-hearted attempt to grow their GDI home business because of the uncertainty and doubt in their own abilitiy and knowledge that most of us have about our ability to "sell" anything!

My name is Donovan Baldwin, and I have been a successful Internet marketer since 2000, and a member of GDI, Global Domains International for the last six years. For those six years, I have received a commission every month from services sold by myself and my downline...which now extends through five levels!

Most network marketing professionals know that trying to market and advertise a product for sale without having prepared the way is extremely difficult. In such marketing situations, the most effective technique is to provide free information and to establish oneself as a trusted provider of such information. When the prospective customer or distributor decides that the product or business opportunity is right for them, they will usually purchase from, or invest with, the person who has been their source of information.

When it comes to GDI marketing and advertising efforts, as with almost any network marketing venture, one hurdle which must be overcome is the new prospective distributor's fear of not being able to get others interested in hearing a "sales pitch", and, even more fearsome, not being able to deliver an effective sales pitch.

This is where the GDI marketing and advertising department has put themselves ahead of many other programs.

They created the ubiquitous GDI opportunity movie and the invaluable GDI DVD so that literally "anyone" can become a sales leader without ever having to "sell" anything to anybody!

Additionally, they have outlined this in a document which is known as the GDI Step-by-Step Wealth Guide. This simple, 14-page document is available to anyone who decide
s to join GDI, although many never take a look at it!  That is unfortunate, because it outlines, as the title suggests, several step-by-step methods to become successful with GDI by marketing and advertising using the GDI DVD and movie.

Normally, the GDI Step-by-Step Wealth Guide is found within the GDI back office, but I have posted a copy on my website for review by those who are thinking of joining GDi and those who have already joined but who are unaware that such guidance exists.

Another problem with most network marketing and Internet marketing programs is what many refer to as "duplicability", i.e. the ability of the new marketer to duplicate the successful tactics of their mentor.  Even more important perhaps, since most network marketers are new to the business and are not sure how THEY did it, is that with the GDI marketing and advertising methods, making use of the GDI DVD and movie, the new member can immediately see, especially after reading the GDI Step-by-Step Wealth Guide, exactly how to duplicate the successful method for introducing the GDI product and the business opportunity from Global Domains International which their sponsor probably used.

Your Sponsor: Donovan Baldwin

I will be your new GDI sponsor, and I, Donovan Baldwin, am one of the real people who are excited to wake up each morning to see what a new day with GDI holds in store for them. I am waiting to hear from you and am eager to answer all of your questions.

After you have watched the movie by clicking the link below, make sure to contact me and introduce yourself.

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